10 terms

Vocabulary 13

Prep. Amer. Lit. & Comp.
chimerical (kuh MER ih kul)
(adj.) given to wildly impossible plans, unrealistic, fantastic, impractical [SYN: imaginary, fanciful, quixotic (kwik SOT ik)]
asinine (ASS uh nine)
(adj.) stupid or silly [SYN: foolish, mindless, idiotic, ridiculous, absurd]
bellwether (BEL weth ur)
(n.) leader [SYN: pacesetter, pacemaker, vanguard (VAN gard)]
limbo (LIM bo)
(n.) place or state of neglect; period awaiting change; in-between state [SYN: neglect, transition, oblivion (uh BLIV ee un)]
plagiarize (PLAY juh rize)
(v.) use ideas or writings of another and present them as one's own [SYN: copy, steal, rob, burloin (pur LOYN)]
titanic (ty TAN ik)
(adj.) enormous in size or strength [SYN: gigantic, huge enormous, prodigious (pruh DIJ us)
irony (EYE ruh nee)
(n.) expression that means the opposite of what is stated; event or result the opposite of what is expected [SYN: contradiction, mockery, sarcasm (SAR kaz um)]
hyperbole (hy PUR buh lee)
(n.) obviously extravagant statement or assertion [SYN: overstatement, rhetorical (rih TOR ih kul), exaggeration]
diabolic (dy uh BOL ik)
(adj.) outrageously wicked; cruel; devilish [SYN: evil, fiendish, demonic, satanic, infernal (in FUR nul)]
effete (ih FEET)
(adj.) worn-out, unproductive, barren [SYN: unproductive, exhausted, feeble, decadent (DEK un dunt)]

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