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sci 7 Organ Systems

Integumentary system
Skin, hair, nails protect underlying tissue
Muscular System
skeletal muscles move your bones
Skeletal System
bones provide frame to support and protect your body parts
Cardivascular System
Heart pumps blood through the blood vessels
Nervous System
receives and sends electrical messages throughout the body
Lymphatic System
returns leaked fluids to blood vessels. helps get rid of germs that could harm you
Digestive system
breaks down food into nutrients that can be absorbed into your body
Endocrine System
glands regulate body functions by sending out chemical messengers. ex ovaries and testes
Respiratory System
lungs absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide
Urinary System
removes wastes from the body and regulates body fluids
Reproductive system
male produces sperm, female eggs and nourishes and shelters unborn baby