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a departure from what is proper, right, expected, or normal; a lapse from a sound mental state

ad hoc

for this specific purpose; improvised; with respect to this


the source or cause of fatal injury, death, destruction, or ruin; death or ruin itself; poison


the intrusion of commonplace or trite material into a context whose tone is lofty or elevated; grossly insincere or exaturated sentimentality; the lowest phrase, nadir; and anticlimax, comedown


ill-tempered, quarrelsome; difficult to get along or deal with


the determincation of right and wrong in questions of conduct or conscience by the application of general ethical principles; specious argument

de facto

actually existing or in effect, although not legally required or sanctioned; in reality, actually


the act of preying upon or plundering


a sympathetic understanding of or identification with feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of someone or something else


a forerunner, herald


the belief that the attainment of pleasure is life's chief aim


lacking brilliance or vitality; dull


discontented with or in open defiance of prevailing conditions


flowing sweetly or smoothly


undue favoritism to one's relatives


to cater to or provide satisfaction for the low tastes or vices of others


a minor sin or offense, a trifling fault or shortcoming

piece de resistance

the principal dish of a meal; an outstanding accomplishment


to send or order back, in law to send back to jail or a lower court


a group of symptoms or signs that collectively characterize a disease, disorder, abnormality, etc.

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