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capital of Australia

Great Barrier Reef

borders Australia's northeastern coast


the desert in central Australia


main language in Australia

Indian Ocean

body of water that borders Australia's western coast

Pacific Ocean

body of water that borders Australia's eastern coast

Uluru (Ayer's Rock)

large rock found in central Australia

Southern Hemisphere

hemisphere Australia is located in


season that begins in June in Australia


Aboriginal musical instrument


kind of government in Australia

Prime Minister

leader of Australia's government


weapon or tool Aboriginals used to kill birds in the sky


weapon or tool Aboriginals used to catch fish


1.)tourism, 2.)trading, 3.)mining, 4.)farming, 5.)fishing, 6.)livestock


kangaroo, koala, wombat, dingo, platypus, emu, kookaburra


6 states, 2 territories

Reasons people settled near the coasts

1.) plenty of food
2.) fertile soil for farming
3.) easier to travel near water

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