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True or False? The Format Painter button copies both the cell's content and formatting.


True or False? You are in Edit mode any time you are entering or changing the contents of a cell.


True or False? Absolute cell references are the default in Excel.


True or False? You can apply formatting before or after you enter data in a cell or range.


True or False? You can create multiple charts based on the same worksheet data.


True or False? Charts are updated automatically in Excel whenever data changes.


True or False? In Page Layout View, the dotted line indicates the print are.


True or False? When you cut cells, the original data remains in the original location.


True or False? Any data changed in the worksheet is automatically updated in the chart.


In excel, a worksheet is contained in a file called a...


An an application you use to perform numeric calculations and to analyze and present numeric data.


In excel, the electric spreadsheet you work in is called a...


.........are entries that contain text and numerical information not used in calculations.


$A$1 is an axample of a(n).....

Absolute cell reference

SUM and AVERAGE are examples of.....

Relative cell reference

........ consist of the information needed by a function to calculate an answer.


The formula =SUM(A3:A40 contains..... cell reference.


...... are styling formats such as bold, italic, and underlining that you can apply to affect the way text and numbers look in the worksheet.


Text annotations are..... that you can add to further describe the data in your chart.


A chart that is inserted directly in the current worksheet is called a(n).......... chart.


..........are the horizontal and vertical lines in a chart that enable the eye to follow the value on an axis.


The x-axis and y-axis are, respectively, the......

Horizontal and Vertical Axis

True or False? Gradient background styles can be applied to shapes.


True or False? PowerPoint accepts information in the form of files from a variety of sources, such as Microsoft Access.


True or False? Every slide in a PowerPoint presentation has a background, and area behind the text and graphics.


True or False? Once you create a slide show, its not that easy to rearrange things so you should plan your presentation ahead of time.


True or False? Custom slide layouts cannot be renamed.


True or False? If you embed your fonts, you will not have to worry about the availability of those fonts on other computers.


True or False? Pressing {Alt} while dragging or drawing on object in PowerPoint overriedes the automatic snap-to-grid setting.


True or False? In Slide Master view, the left pane shows thumbnails of all of the possible slide layouts, and as you point to each slide layout, a Screen Tip appears showing the name of the layout and the number of context placeholders on that layout.


True or False? In PowerPoint, it is possible to combine several shapes together to make a more complex figure.


True or False? The Edit Master group allows you to add the placeholders you want to a custom slide layout.


True or False? When you import a Microsoft Word or a Rich Text format document into a presentation, PowerPoint creates an outline structure based on the styles in the document.


True or False? There are three Master views: Slide master view, Handout master view, and Notes master view.


The.....commands found with the Align commands evenly space objects horizntally or vertically relative to each other or the slide.


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