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  1. Music:
  2. Skills for reading...
  3. Sense of Audience
  4. Alphabetic Principle
  5. Extrinsic Motivation
  1. a understanding that every spoken sound can be represented by a letter group.
  2. b knowing how to act in given situations.
  3. c motivation from the outside.
  4. d phonological awarness, alphabetic principle, phonemic awarness, and concept of print.
  5. e beats, movement, and singing.

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  1. doing things on your own.
  2. identifing book parts, and knowing the front from back cover of a book.
  3. Child Observation Record
  4. putting like objects into groups.
  5. to teach self control.

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  1. Egocentricthe final result.


  2. What is large group & why is it important?it has a beg. middle. and end; force observation; and introduces new materials.


  3. What is small group and why is it important?large group: it is a communal setting & is important becuase it teaches problem solving, and active children & adults together.


  4. Divergentthe final result.


  5. Seriations:1 to 1 correspondence, matching and sorting,time, and math.