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  1. Concept of Print
  2. Phonemic Awareness
  3. Why shold you not show children a modle?
  4. Scaffolding
  5. Divergent
  1. a adult support.
  2. b a question that cannot be answered with a yes or no.
  3. c children then cannot be creative, and they feel their project has to look better or just like yours.
  4. d identifing book parts, and knowing the front from back cover of a book.
  5. e each letter has a specific sound.

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  1. going from one activity to the next.
  2. a purposed idea reaserched and generally accepted as a explanation.
  3. course of study.
  4. it has a beg. middle. and end; force observation; and introduces new materials.
  5. putting like objects into groups.

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  1. Small Motorfeet leave the ground.


  2. Physical Developmentinteraction with others.


  3. What stifle (stops) creativity?the higharchy of needs.


  4. Emotional Developmentdevelopment of feelings.


  5. Why are themes no appropriate?Emotion