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  1. Cognitive
  2. Indirect Guidence
  3. What stifle (stops) creativity?
  4. Examples of cognitive development?
  5. 2 developmental areas that should never be seperated?
  1. a intellecutal & emotional
  2. b understanding what is happening.
  3. c sorting,counting,identifying #, rhyming, and the alphabet.
  4. d behavoir problems that can be fixed before the children arrive.
  5. e modle,set up for faluire, time limit, and no adult support.

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  1. "you" - describing languages.
  2. development from the head down.
  3. 1: what will the children learn? and Why am i doing this?
  4. identifing book parts, and knowing the front from back cover of a book.
  5. not all children are interested in the same thing.

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  1. Ratio of adults to babies?1:4


  2. Extrinsic Motivationmotivation from the inside.


  3. Why do we observe?to see developmental milestoons, plan, and conflict.


  4. Why do children learn concrete to abstract?children need the real thing. and need to be hands on.


  5. Social Developmentinteraction with others.


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