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  1. Self Talk
  2. Ratio of adults to babies?
  3. Indirect Guidence
  4. ex: of a discriptive statment
  5. How many tablespoons of bleach for 1 gallon of water?
  1. a "You used a purple crayon!"
  2. b 1 tablespoon.
  3. c "i" - describing what others are doing.
  4. d 1:4
  5. e behavoir problems that can be fixed before the children arrive.

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  1. each letter has a specific sound.
  2. exploring the envioment with senses.
  3. Child Observation Record
  4. adult support.
  5. sequence of biological changes in a child.

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  1. Curriculumcoats the brain.


  2. Disciplineto teach self control.


  3. Phonological Awarnessdevelopment of the muscles.


  4. Sense of Audiencebehavoir problems that can be fixed before the children arrive.


  5. 2 questions you must ask yourself when planning a lesson...1: what will the children learn? and Why am i doing this?