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  1. Scaffolding
  2. Indirect Guidence
  3. ex: of a discriptive statment
  4. Large Motor
  5. CPR how many compreshions? and how many breaths?
  1. a adult support.
  2. b using large muscles in your body.
  3. c 2:breaths - 30:compressions.
  4. d behavoir problems that can be fixed before the children arrive.
  5. e "You used a purple crayon!"

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  1. thinking only of yourself.
  2. problem solving, weight, balance, building.
  3. motivation from the outside.
  4. large group: it is a communal setting & is important becuase it teaches problem solving, and active children & adults together.
  5. children can build off of what they already know.

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  1. Divergenta question that cannot be answered with a yes or no.


  2. Small Motorfeet leave the ground.


  3. Creative Representationusing something to stand for something else.


  4. Primary colors?red,blue,yellow.


  5. Practice makes...children are not little adults, construct on knoweldge.


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