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  1. Why are themes no appropriate?
  2. Music:
  3. Ratio of adults to babies?
  4. Emotional Development
  5. Sense of Audience
  1. a beats, movement, and singing.
  2. b not all children are interested in the same thing.
  3. c knowing how to act in given situations.
  4. d development of feelings.
  5. e 1:4

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  1. exploring the envioment with senses.
  2. "You used a purple crayon!"
  3. children are not little adults, construct on knoweldge.
  4. Child Observation Record
  5. builds self esteem,uses problem solving, and intrinsic motivation.

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  1. Examples of cognitive development?development of feelings.


  2. Extrinsic Motivationmotivation from the outside.


  3. Social Developmentdevelopment of the muscles.


  4. Autonomydoing things on your own.


  5. Intrinsic Motivationmotivation from the outside.