Earth and Space

22 terms by classshea

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a circular shape that looks like a narrow or flattened circle.


an imaginary line that passes through Earth's center and its North and South Poles.


an imaginary line around Earth equally distant from the North and South Poles.


one half of the Earth.

Solar System

the Sun, all of the planets, and other objects that revolve around our Sun.


a body in space that orbits a planet.


spheres of different size that go around the Sun.


sunlight bouncing off of a body in space, such as a planet.


the bending of light.


a huge ball of very hot gases in space.


a pattern of stars, named after a mythological or religious figure, an object, or animal.


everything that exists, including such things as stars, planets, gas. dust, and energy.


huge gatherings of stars in space plus anything that obits the stars.

Moon Phase

the appearance the moon assumes in the sky, created by sunlight reflecting off of the moon's surface.


having to do with the moon.


small planets that revolve around the Sun, some in a belt or band.


distance light travels through empty space in one year, equals 5.878 trillion miles.


a medium sized star at the center of our universe.

Our Solar System

Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars (asteroid belt), Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto (My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas.)


to spin on an axis


when Earth travels in a closed path around the sun.


the path one body takes in space as it revolves around another body.

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