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Which is a form of participation in digital marketing?
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Which of the following is a pricing strategy?price skimmingWhich of the following is a pricing tactic?single pricingWhich pricing tactic is considered unethical?predatory pricingOdd/even pricing is a type of:pricing tacticWhich of the following is not a pricing strategy?prestige pricingWhich is not a part of the marketing mix?perceptionIn developing the marketing mix, distribution also refers to:placeWhat is a key factor in the success of companies such as Frito-Lay?their distribution of products for a wide range of locationsProper location selection must be concerned about:convenienceCustomers might switch if which of the following factors in the marketing mix is not desirable?locationWhich of the following is not a part of the promotional mix?marketingWhich of the following is a type of advertising?institutionalWhat is one of the key purposes behind point of purchase displays?build trafficWhat part of the promotional mix did Tylenol use to manage their crisis?public relationsWhat is a key advantage of personal selling?it helps in the development of long term relationshipsWhich of the following is a part of the retail mix?personnelWhat is a key reason why customers switch?service encounter failureWhich of the following is a key part of presentation?atmosphereWhich of the following is a key reason why a customer might switch?personnel is not knowledgeableWhich of the following is a part of the service profit chain?profitsExplain how Domino's pizza was able to use Digital Marketing to reinvention their company.Explain the stages of the product life cycleExplain the concept of psychological pricing and give an example.Explain why companies such as beer and cola distributors must have an effective distribution system in place.Explain why a company might invest their advertising dollars in sponsorship.Discuss the service profit chain.