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Protists do not fit into any other kind of ______.

1.eukaryotes in moist surroundings 3.unicellular or multicellular 4.heterotrophs, autotrophs, or both 5.some move some do not

The 5 characteristics of protists are:

identifiable, classified, different way

Because the characteristics are not easily ________, scientists have _____ protists in a _____ ___.

1.animal-like 2.funguslike 3.plantlike

The three categories of protists are:


Animal-like protists are also known as _______.

1.heterotrophs to move 3.unicellular

Characteristics of protozoans are:


Protozoans can be further classified based on ________.

sarcodines, ciliates, protozoans with flagella, and sporozoans

The four groups of protozoans are:

pseudopods, environmental changes, contractile vacuole, water, cell, ameba

Sarcodines move and feed by forming ____________ .They are able to move with ________ ______. They use the ______ _____ to help expel excess _____ from the ____. An example of a sarcodines are ______.

animal-like protists, cilia, obtain food, sense, environment, complex cell, binary fission, paramecium

Ciliates are _____-___ protists. They use ____ for movement, to _____ ____, and ____ the _________. They are a _____ ____. They usually reproduce by _____ ______. An example of a ciliate is ___________.

zooflagellates, 1-8, movement, inside, organisms

Protozoans with flagella are _______.They have _-__ flagella. They use the flagella for ______. They can live _____ other ________.

termites, digest, symbiosis, mutualism, organism, hiker's disease

A certain zooflagellate lives inside the intestine of _____ to help them ____ to food they eat. This is an example of _________. When both sides benefit from this, it is called ______. Some zooflagellates can harm the _______. An example of a zooflagellate that can harm the organism is giardia, or _____ _____.

live, parasites, food, body fluids, host, flagella, host, plasmodium

Sporozoans are characterized by the way they ____. They are _______ that feed on the ____ and ____ _____ of their _____.Some have _____, and some depend on the ____ to move them. An example of a sporozoan is ________, which causes malaria.

mushrooms, yeast, heterotrophs, cell walls, spores, some point, water molds, downy molds, slime molds

Fungus-like protists are organisms like ______ and _____. They are _______, have ___ ____, use ____ to reproduce, and are able to move at ____ ____ in their lives. Examples of fungus-like protists are _____ ____/_____ ____ and ____ ___.

algae, autotrophs, anywhere, very different

Plant-like protists are commonly named _____. They are ______. They can live ______ and sizes can be ___ ______.

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