Bio final semester one (ecology)

Ecological Pyramid
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What causes the Carbon Dioxide levels to rise? What puts CO2 into the atmosphere?Natural: Volcanos, Cellular Respiration (breathing out) Man-made: burning of fossil fuelsBiggest Cause of Environmental Change on Earthhuman activitya hawk that ate a snake that eats a rat that ate a grasshopper that ate grass: The hawk is a ________________4th level consumerWhy is Biodiversity so importantWithout this natural resource, we would not have as many medicines, food and goodsEcologystudy of interactions among organisms and their environment20 years ago, an area was a forest. It had deer, tree squirrels, and birds that nested high in the trees. A fire burned the trees and grass, and bushes grew instead. Now it has ground squirrels, rabbits, and low nesting birds instead. Why is the community different now?The group of living things is different because the abiotic characteristics of the habitat changed.How might the destruction of many rainforests affect other ecosystems.Decrease the amount of available Oxygen as they provide a large percentage of it.If an animal has the space, mates, food, water, and low disease, what will happen to the population?It will raise until the food supply runs low, then it will dropWhat is an invasive species?An organism that is not native to the area that can cause harm to the existing ecosystem.