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Identify the medical term for displacement of the spleen, sometimes referred to as a floating spleen.
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Cerebral atherosclerosisThe hardening of an artery in the brain due to the buildup of fatty plaqueCerebral arteriosclerosisThe hardening of an artery in the brainHemorrhagic strokeOccurs when blood loss is caused by the rupture of a blood vessel in the brainIschemic strokeOccurs when blood loss is caused by a blockage in the brainTransient ischemic attack (TIA)A mini strokeA loss or decline in mental function is called?dementiaWhich of the following means nerve tumor?neuromaWhich of the following is the correct breakdown of the medical term neuroarthropathy?neuro/arthro/pathyWhich of the following is the correct breakdown and translation of the medical term apathy?a (not) + path (suffering, disease) + y (condition) = without feeling or emotionGeneral anestheticCauses complete loss of consciousnessLocal anestheticDoes not affect consciousnessTopical anestheticApplied to the surface of the area to be anesthetizedRegional anestheticInjected into a nerve causing loss of sensation over a particular areaIdentify and define the prefix in the term hypertrophic.hyper- overIdentify the correct pronunciation for the costochondritis.CAW-stoh-chon-DRAI-tisWhich of the following roots mean sugar?gluc/o glucos/o glyc/oIdentify and define the root in the medical term hypoparathyrodism.thyroid- thyroidThe medical abbreviations NPO, BM, and NGT are used in relation to which body system:gastrointestinal NPO- nothing by mouth BM- bowel movement NGT- nasogastric tubeThe abbeviation GERD is used to indicate:a disease in which acid comes up from the stomach and damages the esophagusThe abbreviation that indicates a normal heartbeat is:NSRWhat is the meaning for the abreviation Bx?biopsyMedical abbreviations IVF, LMP, CS are used in which of the following body systems?female reproductive systemWhich term means "excessive urination"?diuresisMedical abbreviations NSAID, OA, RA are used in which of the following body systems?musculoskeletal systemThe medical abbreviation COPD means:Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseWhich medical term means inflammation of the cornea?keratitisWhich of the following abbreviations pertains to the urinary tract? US VA URI UA ENTUA (urinalysis)Which of the following medical terms means removal of a portion of the skull for surgical access (the portion is replaced after a procedure)?craniotomyWhich group of drugs is used to relieve pain?analgesicsWhat is the correct abbreviation for hematocrit (a test used to determine the ratio of red blood cells to total blood volume)? CRP Hgb Hct WBC RBCHctWhat is the correct abbreviation for platelet count (the smallest blood cells whose job is to patch up broken vessels)? PCT PLTC PLT PTCI PLCPLTleuk/owhitemyel/obone marrow or spineaden/oglandTIDthree times a dayBIDtwice a dayWhat is the medical term that means a condition where there is undersecretion of the sex glands?hypogonadismIdentify the medical term of the metabolic disease characterized by excessive urination and hyperglycemia.diabetes mellitusPatients with diabetes may complain of excessive thirst. The medical term for excessive thirst is?polydipsiaDecreased pancreatic endocrine activity leads to diabetes. If a patient has diabetes, he or she may complain of: unexpected weight loss polyuria polyphagia polydipsia all answers are correctall answers are correctThe medical term for inflammation of the bone and bone marrow is:osteomyelitisMany healthcare practitioners use the SOAP method when documenting care given to a patient. What does SOAP stand for?Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan(R)rightTxtreatmentERemergency roomRRrespiratory rateORoperating roomTtemperatureSymbol (B) means bilateral.TrueKerat/ocorneaHemobloodIndicate which syllable is emphasized when the term lethargic is pronounced:2nd syllable: le thar' gicIndicate which syllable is emphasized when the term seborrhea is pronounced:3rd syllable: se bor rhe' aThe medical term for "a large bruise" is:ecchymosisThe medical term for a physician who specializes in internal secretions of the body is a(n):endocrinologistpan-allsquam/oscaleuni-onehidr/osweathemi-halfepi-uponIdentify the suffix(es) that mean pain. Correct answer: algia itis dynia cele ismalgia, dyniaIdentify and define the prefix in the term hypertrophic.hyperWhich of the following prefixes are opposites?ecto-, endo-hemiparesispartial paralysis on half of the bodyparalysiscomplete loss of sensation and motor functionmonoparesispartial paralysis of one limbODright eyeOSleft eyeOUboth eyesAUboth earsADright earWhich of the following is true about Hemoglobin: Helps fight infection contains iron is a type of white blood cell is a hormone carries oxygen to cellscontains iron carries oxygen to cellsWhich medical term means an "instrument for looking into a joint?"arthroscopeThe abbreviation BPH means the patient has a diagnosis of:benign prostate hyperplasiaIdentify the word roots associated with the integumentary system. ungu/o lip/o lob/o phren/o dur/o crypt/oungu/o lip/o cryot/oIndicate which syllable is emphasized when pronouncing dyspnea.disp-NEE-aIndicate which syllable is emphasized when pronouncing epistaxis.ep-ee-STAKS-isIndicate which syllable is emphasized when pronouncing excoriationeks-KOR-ee-a-shunipsilateralsame sidecontralateralopposite sidebilateralboth sidesunilateralone sideThe abbreviation EEG indicates which of the following:echoencephalographyIndicate which syllable is emphasized when pronouncing auscultation.ah-skul-TAY-shunThe abbreviation CVA indicates which of the following:cerebral vascular accidentThe medical term for an "ultrasound of the heart" is a(n) _______________________.echocardiogramWhich of the following word roots means "fat"? Select all that apply. ten/o lip/o adip/o pil/o steat/olip/o adip/o seat/oWhich of the following is the correct breakdown and translation of the medical term steatoma?steat (fat) + oma (tumor) = fatty tumorWhich Medical Term means "Inflammation of the Breast"?mastitisSagittaldivides the body in half right to leftTransversedivides the body top to bottomPlantarsole of footCoronaldivides the body from front to backLateral meanssideThe medical term for a procedure to "remove the inside of an artery", usually plaque, is a(n):endarterectomyDorsal meansbackThe abbreviation FBS means:fasting blood sugarThe medical term for"incision into the brain" is:cerebrotomyNeurorrhapy is the medical term for the procedure "suturing of a nerve"TrueThe medical term for "a lower than normal number of red blood cells":anemiaMedical language is made up primarily of words taken from which two ancient languages?Greek and LatinThe definition of the word roots nephr/o and ren/o is:kidneyThe medical term for a "hernia of the bladder" is:cystoceleIdentify the word roots associated with the cardiovascular system. (Select all that apply) Arteri/o Salping/o Ather/o Uter/o Coron/o Amni/ocoron/o: heart ather/o: fatty plaque arteri/o: arteryA branch of medicine dealing with weight issues is known as:bariatricsAn FOBT test shows which of the following:blood in the stoolMr. Barney Rubble has been diagnosed with "gallstones." What is the medical term for this condition?cholelithiasisThe word root rhin/o is Greek for which of the following:noseIdentify the word roots associated with the respiratory system. (Select all that apply) phren/o an/o proct/o stern/o alveol/ophren/o stern/o alveol/oIdentify the word roots associated with the female reproductive system.(Select all that apply) episi/o gynec/o lingu/o hepat/o colp/oepisi/o gynec/o colp/oLobectomy means...lobe removalBUNblood urea nitrogenPSAprostate-specific antigenPNSperipheral nervous systemWhen a patient is in bed and lying on their back, they are said to be in the __________________ position.supineThe medical term for "muscle weakness" is___________________.myastheniaThe medical term for "involuntary contraction of a blood vessel" is ____________________________.vasospasmPebbles Flintstone was sent home from school because the nurse suspected she had "pink eye." What is the medical term for this condition?conjunctivitisHemothoraxblood in the chestPneumothoraxair in chestPneumohemothoraxair and blood in the chestPyothoraxpus in the chestA physician whose specialty is "ear, nose, and throat" is called an:OtorhinolaryngologistIdentify and define the suffix in the term costochondritis.itis- inflammationWhich of the following medical terms refers to "ear pain"?otodyniaThe medical term for "loss of bone density" is ______________________.osteoporosis