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Front Hairline

Temporal muscle, Temporal Nerve, Frontalis Muscle and supra Orbitial Nerve

Front of ear

Temporal muscle, Temporal Nerve, Frontalis Muscle and supra Orbitial Nerve

Top of the ear

Temporal Muscle, and Auricolar, Temporal nerve

Behind the ear

Occipital Muscle, post auricular Nerve

Each side of the neck

Occipital muscle, lesser auricular nerve

Straight up back of head to crown

occipital muscle, greater auricular nerve

Shuttle movement

Top of the head, moving over all.

Resting movement

Front hairline, over the ears, releasing pressure, feathering off

1 Benefit of a scalp treatment

Stimulates blood circulation

2 Benefit of scalp treatment

stimulates scalp glands

3 benefit of scalp treatment

relaxes and soothes nerves

4 benefit of scalp treatment

stimulate muscles

5 benefit of scalp treatment

maintain and growth of hair.

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