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the medical assistant may help with all of the following tasks related to thw physicians fees for services rendered except

determine the amounts charged for procedures

which factor is not usually considered by physicians when determining how much to charge for a procedure

ability of patient to pay

when working under a managed care plan physicians agree to

accept fees that are predetermined by plan

why might a physician recieve only 185.00 for a procedure for which he billed the insurance company 225.00

all of the above
his fee profile has increased scince being set by the company
the insurances fee schedule allows only 185.00
the fee of 225.00 is above the maximum range charged by other physicians

if the physician believes that the insurance company will pay only 185.00of the 225.00 fee how should he bill for the service

biil the insurance company 225.00 and advise the patient that he or she will be charged for 70.00 after the insurance pays the claim

what information is gathered to determine an individual physicians fee profile

the physicians actual charges over a given time period

which of the following statements best describes the concept of professional courtesy

cherging reduced or no fee for services rendered to other medical professionals

it is not recommended that physicians charge for the following situations except

emergency walk ins

if a patient tells you that a close friend will pay his medical bills if he is unable to do so, you must

secure a written agreement from the friend

which factor determines weather pateints must sign a truth in lending disclosure as required by regulation Z

the physician includes a finance charge

which of the following information must not be given out when responding to a request for credit information on a patient

your opinion about the patients ability to pay

which is the best way to work with patients regarding financial matters

discuss billing options only if the patient asks about them

identify the statement about medical office credit policies that is not a recomeneded practice

develop very general ploicies so that each account can be considered individually

which of the following is not true about the use of independent billing services

it drastically reduces the cost of billing and monitoring accouunts

which of the following would be the least helpful for encourging patients to make prompt payments

sending collection letters to all pateints with a balnce due

when preparing the first statements sent to patients to bill for medical services the charges should be itemized

on all first statements sent out

the purpose of a chrage slip is to

provide an itemized billing statement on witch the physician notes charges

under which circumstances would a cycle billing system be most advantageous or the medical office

the physician wishes to stabilize cash flow

who should be billed for the treatment of an emancipated minor

the minor

the smallest precentage of people who do not pay there medical bills consist of people who

never intended to pay

legal and appropriate procedures that you can use when attempting to locate patients with outstanding balances who move and leave no forwarding adress include all of the following except

informing the patient's employers that money is owed to the physician

when a patient files for bankruptcy the appropriate procedure is to

file a creditors claim with the court and or wrute of the bill

all of the following statements descibe advantages of using small claims court to collect deinquint accounts except

it is necessary to hire a lawyer to represent the physician

which of the following is true about giving patient estimates for treatment

all of the above
it may help simplify collection by preventing misunderstandings
it may help avoid forgetting that a fee was quoted
it may help eliminate the possibility of later misquoting the fee

an orginization under contract to the government as well as some private plans to act as finiancial representitives is a

fiscal agent

the column in the pegboard system used to enter charges is the _____ column


which of the following examples would you enter in the credit column

payments recieved for medical services rendered

all of the following might be found in the adjustment column except

new charges

when using the telephone to collect accountsthe medical assistant should

try to gget a definate commintment on a date that the payment will be made

which of the following is not acceptable for collection calls

9:30 pm

which of the following types of billing sends statementsat given times of the month such as one quarter of the accounts recievable the first week and so on through the month

cycle billing

transferring or carrying froma book of original entry to a ledger is called


all of the following are considered special bookkeeping entrys except


payment for medical services is accomplished in which of the following ways

all of the above
internal insurance or other third party billing
payment at the time of service
outside billing and collection assistance

most medical offices accept which of the following forms of payment

all of the above
debit cards
credit cards

the balance due to a creditor on an account is known as


the slips that are attached to charts while patient is in the office used for billing are called _______ forms


an exchange or transfer of goods services or funds is called an


the ______fee is a range of the usual fees charged for the same service by physicians with similar training and experiance practicing in the same geographical area


_______slips may help simplify the collection process because there is no misunderstanding as to the agreed fee for the procedure


______ paper does not rquire ccarbon to make a copy


refunds after all payments are made on an account usually result in a patient balance of


the truth in lending act is enforced by the federal _____ commission


patients who are unable to afford medical bills are sometimes said to be medically


a statement of transactions during a fiscal period and the resulting balance is called


amounts paid on patient acounts are called


a complicatoin of preestablished fee allowances for given services or procedures is called a fee


funds paid out are called


the person who makes or gives a guarantee for a bill is called


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