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to wake up (e-->ie)


to get up


to wash oneself

cepillarse los dientes

to brush one's teeth


to bathe oneself


to take a shower

lavarse la cabeza

to wash one's hair

jabonarse el cuerpo

to use soap on one's body

secarse con la toalla

to dry off with a towel

mirarse en el espejo

to look at oneself in the mirror

secarse el pelo con la secadora

to dry one's hair with a blowdryer


to shave (men)


to put on makeup (women)

ponerse desodorante

to put deodorant on

ponerse crema

to put lotion on


to dress oneself (e-->ie)

ponerse los zapatos

to put shoes on

ponerse la chaqueta

to put a jacket on

sentarse a tomar desayuno

to sit down to eat breakfast (e-->ie)

irse de la casa hacia la escuela

to leave home to go to school

divertirse en la escuela

to have fun in school (e-->ie)

quitarse la ropa

to take off one's clothes

ponerse el pijama

to put on one's pijamas

lavarse la cara

to wash one's face


to lay down (o-->ue)


to fall asleep (o-->ue)

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