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A ScreenTip is a label that identifies the name of a button or feature and briefly describes its function.
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What happens when you click Print in the FILE tab?The Print screen opens in Backstage view.Which Word view displays document text so it is easy to read on screen?read modeWhen you use the Save command to save changes to a file, you overwrite the stored file.trueClicking the Find button in the Editing group opens the Navigation pane.trueTo test a hyperlink, press [Ctrl] and then click the hyperlink.true"Drag and drop" describes what operation?Moving text using the mouseThe Office Clipboard can hold up to how many items?24Where is the Show/Hide ¶ button?in the Paragraph group on the HOME tabWhat is the keyboard shortcut for saving a document?[Ctrl][S]What is the keyboard shortcut for pasting text?[Ctrl][V]Where are the Word keyboard shortcuts listed?in Word ScreenTips for the commandWhich feature can you use to find and insert a synonym for an overused word?ThesaurusBy default, as you type Word will automatically create a hyperlink to email addressThe gallery of font colors includes a set of theme colors and a set of standard colors.trueWhen you apply highlighting to text, the highlighting is only visible on the screen and does not print.falseYou must apply text wrapping to a graphic in order to move it independently of text.trueTo change the formatting of text from Calibri to Arial, which tool should you use?font list arrowWhat keyboard shortcut selects an entire document?[Ctrl][A]What are shadows and outlines examples of?Text Effects____ the Format Painter button allows it to remain active until you turn it off.double clickingWhich feature allows you to copy multiple format settings at once?format painterWhat are sets of styles that use common fonts, colors, and formats called?quick stylesBy default, how is text aligned?left-alignedHow do you remove a tab stop?Drag it up or down off the rulerTab ____ are the lines that appear in front of tabbed text.leadersBy default, what is the active tab type?left tabWhat is the default font formatting in Word 2016?11-point CalibriA(n) ____ graphic moves independently from text.floatingA document with mirror margins has inside and outside margins instead of left and right margins.trueWhen the Header and Footer areas are open, the text in the main document can still be edited.falseYou use the options on the TABLE TOOLS LAYOUT tab to change the alignment of text in a table.trueWhat is the default margin size in a Word document?1"The minimal allowable margin settings depend on your _______.printerWhat are the default page settings for a Word document?8.5" x 11" paper, portrait orientationWhich section break begins a new section on the same page?continuousHow are page numbers inserted in a document?as a fieldWhich tab includes options to apply a table style to a table?TABLE TOOLS DESIGN tabWhich tab contains the tools for inserting and managing footnotes and endnotes?REFERENCES tabWhich tab or dialog box do you use to organize your sources?Source Manager dialog boxWhich of the following is a list of sources that only includes sources that are cited in your current document?works cited listIn an electronic spreadsheet, you need to manually recalculate when you change the entries.falseYou are in Edit mode any time you are entering or changing the contents of a cell.trueYou use formulas in Excel to perform calculations such as adding, multiplying, and averaging.truePrinting gridlines makes data easier to read.trueYou can use predesigned, formatted files called ____ to create new worksheets quickly.templates____ below the worksheet grid let you switch from sheet to sheet in a workbook.sheet tabsAll Excel formulas begin with the ____.equal sign (=)The Excel operator for division is ____./The name Peter is entered in cell B4. This is a ____.labelThe entry in cell B15 is =SUM(B5:B14) which is a ____.formulaIn a payroll worksheet, Peter worked 40 hours and actual hours are stored in cell B5. This is a ____.valueThe _____ sheet button allows you to add worksheets to a workbook.newWhile you are entering a formula in a cell, the cell references and arithmetic operators appear in the _____.​formula barYou can use the ____ key(s) on the keyboard to navigate a worksheet.arrowTo quickly jump to the first cell in a worksheet press ____.[Ctrl][Home]You can change, or ____, the contents of an active cell at any time.editThe Undo button allows you to reverse up to ____ previous actions, one at a time.100You can edit the contents of the active cell by ____.just starting to typeTo display gridlines on a worksheet, click the Gridlines check box in the _____ group on the View tab.​show____ operators perform mathematical calculations such as adding and subtracting.arithmeticPossible paper orientations for printing a worksheet are landscape and ____.portraitThe ____ option helps fit the data on a single page without making changes to individual margins.scale to fitTo quickly jump to the last cell in a worksheet press ____.[Ctrl][End]In the formula =D1+C1/F3, which calculation will be performed first?C1/F3In Excel, MAX and AVERAGE are examples of ____.functionsYou can create an absolute cell reference by placing a ____ in front of both the column letter and the row number of the cell address.$Which type of cell reference preserves the exact cell address in a formula?absoluteWhich keyboard shortcut turns on Edit mode?F2Excel templates include which of these common documents?all of the aboveThe Increase Decimal button automatically adds dollar signs and two decimal places to your data.falseCells and ranges in a worksheet can be formatted ____.before or after data is enteredA ____ is an individual media file, such as art, sound, animation, or a movie.clipDouble-clicking the column line to the right of a column activates the ____ feature for the fit###### in a cell means that the ____.column is too narrow to display the value completelyThe Find & Select button is found in the Editing group on the ____ tab on the Ribbon.homeA chart sheet is a sheet in a workbook that contains only a chart, which is linked to the workbook data.trueYou can use the Quick Analysis tool to create a Sparkline.trueAny data changed in the worksheet is automatically updated in the chart.trueA(n) ____ identifies each data series in a chart, generally with a different color.legendOn a chart created in Excel, the horizontal axis is also called the ____.x-axisA(n) ____ chart compares distinct object levels using vertical bars; it is the Excel default.columnA pie chart ____.compares sizes of pieces as part of a wholeA scatter chart ____.compares trends over uneven time or measurement intervalsA chart that is inserted directly in the current worksheet is called a(n) ____ chart.embeddedTo delete a selected Sparkline from a cell, click the _____ button in the Group on the Sparkline Tools Design tab.​clearThe default border color around a chart title is ____.blueTo add a shadow to an object, click the ____ button in the Format Chart Title pane, click Shadow, and make the desired selections.effectsShape ____ make it possible to apply multiple formats to a data series, such as an outline, fill color, and text color, all with a single click.stylesText annotations are ____ that you can add to further describe the data in your chart.titlesMoving a chart to a different sheet in the workbook will not change the original data reflected in the chart.true