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L3Ob3-Head/Neck Muscle origin, insertion, and action

frontalis (epicranius) action
raises the eyebrows; wrinkles the skin of the forehead
frontalis (epicranius) origin
occipital bone by way of galea aponeurosis
frontalis (epicranius) insertion
skin and muscles around the eye
orbicularis oculi action
closes the eye
orbicularis oculi origin
frontal and maxillary bones, margin of orbit
orbicularis oculi insertion
skin around the eye; circles the orbit
zygomaticus major action
raises the angle of the mouth (smile)
zygomaticus major origin
zygomatic bone
zygomaticus major insertion
skin and muscles about the angle of the mouth
orbicularis oris action
closes and protrudes the lips (kissing action)
orbicularis oris origin
maxilla and mandible
orbicularis oris insertion
skin surrounding the mouth, lips
buccinator action
compresses cheek; pulls corner of the mouth laterally
buccinator origin
mandible and maxillary bone
buccinator insertion
orbicularis oris and skin at the angle of the mouth
masseter action
raises the mandible, closing the jaw
masseter origin
zygomatic arch, maxilla
masseter insertion
temporalis action
raises the mandible, closing the jaw
temporalis origin
temporal bone
temporalis insertion
coronoid process of mandible
platysma action
depresses the mandible; draws the angle of the mouth downward; tightens skin of neck
platysma origin
fascia of upper chest
platysma insertion
mandible and skin of chin and cheek
sternocleidomastoid action
pulls head to one side, pulls head toward chest, or raises sternum
sternocleidomastoid origin
sternum and clavicle
sternocleidomastoid insertion
mastoid process of temporal bone