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  1. biceps
  2. stereogenosis
  3. Organs of LUQ
  4. temporal
  5. large veins could indicate
  1. a auditory
  2. b portal hypertension
  3. c stomach, left lobe of liver, spleen, body of the pancreas, part of L kidney and adrenal, part of transverse and descending colon, splenic flexure of colon
  4. d recognize objects by feeling
  5. e C5 to C6

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  1. increased resistance
  2. red
  3. cecum, appendix, right ovary and fallopian tube, right spermatic cord, right ureter
  4. slower gastric motility
  5. motor speech

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  1. tendonsgastrointesophegael reflux (acid reflux)


  2. ataxiastretch marks


  3. spinal cordconnects brain and spinal nerves, controls reflexes


  4. wernicks areamotor speech


  5. parietelstretch marks