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  1. stereogenosis
  2. spinothalamic tract
  3. aspiration
  4. subluxination
  5. large veins could indicate
  1. a esophageal emptying is delayed
  2. b recognize objects by feeling
  3. c a partial dislocation of the joint
  4. d portal hypertension
  5. e transmits sensations of pain, temperature, and light touch

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  1. L5 to S2
  2. xiphoid process
  3. symphysis pubis
  4. L4 to S2
    stroke a J on the soul of the foot Looking for inversion/flexion of the forefoot and planter flexion of toes
  5. C7 to C8

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  1. Organs of RUQright lobe of liver, gallbladder, duodemun, part of R kidney and adrenal gland, part of transverse and ascending colon, hepatic flexure of the colon, head of the pancreas


  2. striaefluid filled sacs surrounding ligaments


  3. point localizationtouch and withdraw


  4. earliest change in LOC isthe earliest change of neurological status


  5. if not fully alertnote stimulus needed to arouse pt