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  1. frontal lobe
  2. earliest change in LOC is
  3. dysarthria
  4. tendons
  5. lower boundary of abdomen
  1. a distorted articulation
  2. b the earliest change of neurological status
  3. c symphysis pubis
  4. d connect muscle to bone, protected from friction by tendon sheath
  5. e personality, behaviors, emotions, intellect

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  1. eye opening, verbal response, motor response
  2. crackling or rattling sounds
  3. fluid filled sacs surrounding ligaments
  4. L5 to S2
  5. cecum, appendix, right ovary and fallopian tube, right spermatic cord, right ureter

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  1. spasticity/rigiditydecreased resistance


  2. temporalauditory


  3. brocas areamotor speech


  4. Glasgow coma scalescale used to score assess LOC


  5. dysphasiahunch back