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  1. brocas area
  2. dysphasia
  3. extinction
  4. temporal
  5. subluxination
  1. a difficulty in speaking
  2. b touch both sides of body at the same time
  3. c a partial dislocation of the joint
  4. d motor speech
  5. e auditory

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  1. sigmoid colon, part of descending colon, left ovary and fallopian tube, left spermatic cord, left ureter
  2. scale used to score assess LOC
  3. transmits sensations of pain, temperature, and light touch
  4. visual
  5. language comprehension

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  1. Organs of RUQstomach, left lobe of liver, spleen, body of the pancreas, part of L kidney and adrenal, part of transverse and descending colon, splenic flexure of colon


  2. quadriceps "knee jerk"right lobe of liver, gallbladder, duodemun, part of R kidney and adrenal gland, part of transverse and ascending colon, hepatic flexure of the colon, head of the pancreas


  3. achillesL5 to S2


  4. frontal lobepersonality, behaviors, emotions, intellect


  5. crepituscrackling or rattling sounds