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  1. tendons
  2. dysphasia
  3. triceps
  4. quadriceps "knee jerk"
  5. brain stem
  1. a L2 to L4
  2. b connect muscle to bone, protected from friction by tendon sheath
  3. c C7 to C8
  4. d central core of brain ( contains vital autonomic centers)
  5. e difficulty in speaking

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  1. the earliest change of neurological status
  2. crackling or rattling sounds
  3. decreased resistance
  4. hunch back
  5. motor speech

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  1. point localizationtouch and withdraw


  2. spinothalamic tractconnects brain and spinal nerves, controls reflexes


  3. wernicks arealanguage comprehension


  4. frontal lobeconnects brain and spinal nerves, controls reflexes


  5. alert normal person score7 or less