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  1. cerebellum
  2. aspiration
  3. parietel
  4. spinal cord
  5. temporal
  1. a sensation
  2. b mother coordination of voluntary movement, equilibrium and muscle tone
  3. c esophageal emptying is delayed
  4. d connects brain and spinal nerves, controls reflexes
  5. e auditory

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  1. muscles
  2. knock knees (in)
  3. central core of brain ( contains vital autonomic centers)
  4. distorted articulation
  5. visual

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  1. organs of LLQsigmoid colon, part of descending colon, left ovary and fallopian tube, left spermatic cord, left ureter


  2. GERDligaments


  3. frontal lobepersonality, behaviors, emotions, intellect


  4. crepituscrackling or rattling sounds


  5. dysphasiadifficulty in speaking


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