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  1. temporal
  2. three areas the Glasgow coma scale asses
  3. planter reflex
  4. Deep Tendon reflex Rating scale
  5. wernicks area
  1. a eye opening, verbal response, motor response
  2. b L4 to S2
    stroke a J on the soul of the foot Looking for inversion/flexion of the forefoot and planter flexion of toes
  3. c auditory
  4. d +4 very brisk, hyperactive, indicates disease
    +3 brisker than average, may indicate disease
    +2 average
    +1 diminished, low normal
    +0 no response
  5. e language comprehension

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  1. 'Read' number traced in hand
  2. recognize objects by feeling
  3. intraperitoneal hemorrhage (purple color)
  4. ligaments
  5. sensation

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  1. organs of LLQsigmoid colon, part of descending colon, left ovary and fallopian tube, left spermatic cord, left ureter


  2. upper boundary of abdomen7 or less


  3. alert normal person score7 or less


  4. erythemaC7 to C8


  5. dysphasiahunch back