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  1. cerebellum
  2. extinction
  3. brachioradialis
  4. spinothalamic tract
  5. proprioception
  1. a mother coordination of voluntary movement, equilibrium and muscle tone
  2. b C5 to C6
  3. c touch both sides of body at the same time
  4. d transmits sensations of pain, temperature, and light touch
  5. e sense body movements and positions

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  1. L2 to L4
  2. difficulty in speaking
  3. esophageal emptying is delayed
  4. knock knees (in)
  5. 'Read' number traced in hand

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  1. achillesstretch marks


  2. lower boundary of abdomenxiphoid process


  3. planter reflexL4 to S2
    stroke a J on the soul of the foot Looking for inversion/flexion of the forefoot and planter flexion of toes


  4. Glasgow coma scalescale used to score assess LOC


  5. subluxinationa partial dislocation of the joint


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