Livy Chap 56

64 terms by nora_kelley Teacher

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Kelley, Washington-Lee, Washington-Lee

perficio, perficere, perfeci, perfectus

to finish

accio, accire, accivi, accitus

to summon

gravo, gravare, gravavi, gravatus

to burden, oppress

exaedifico, exaedificare, exaedificavi

to complete the building of, construct

species, speciei



somewhat, to some extent

traduco, traducere, traduxi, traductus

to move over to

forus, fori, m.

row of benches in the circus

purgamentum, i, n.

rubbish, filth



novus, a, um

new, recent

adaequare, adaequare, adaequavi

to equal, compare to

utor, uti, usus sum

to use

reor, reri, ratus sum

to think, recon, consider

onus, oneri

burden, weight

latius, adv.

more widely

fines, finis

boundary, limit

praesidium, praesidii


portentum, portenti

portent, omen

anguis; anguis


elabor, elabi, elapsus sum

to slip out from

ligneus, a, um

woody, made of wood

fuga, fugae, f.


regia, regiae, f.


percello, percellere, perculi, perculsus

to strike, dismay

pavor, pavoris

fear, terror

pectus, pectoris


impleo, implere, implevi, impletus

to fill

cura, curae, f.

care, concern

adhibeo. adhibere, adhibui

to employ use

velut. adv.

just as, as if

inclitus, a, um

famous, renowned

sors, sortis

oracular response

audeo, audere, ausus sum

to have the courage to do

tempestas, tempestatis, f.


ignotus, a, um


proficiscor, proficisci, profectus sum

to set out

comes, comitis


ingenium, ingenii


simulatio, simulationis


induo, induere, indui

to put on

primores, primorum

nobles, men of first rank

avunculus, avunculi


interfectus, a, um


concupio, concupere, concupivi, concupitus

to covet, wish for greatly

contemptus, contemptus

object of contempt

tutus, a, um


ius, iuris

law, order

praesidium, praesidii


ergo, adv.


sino, sinere, sivi, situs

to allow

latens, latentis


opperior, opperiri, opperitus sum

to wait

ludibirum, i

plaything, joke

verius, adv.

more truly

baculum baculi

stick, staff

inclusus, a, um


cavatus, a, um

hollowed out

corneus, a, um

made of cornel tree wood

ambages, ambagis

round about way, allusion

effigies, effigiei

image, likeness

cupido, cupidinis


incedo, incedere, incessi

to approach

sciscito, sciscitare, sciscitavi, sciscitatus

to find out, investigate

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