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  1. verbal irony
  2. autobiography
  3. tenement
  4. residents
  5. Why is Nathalia Gumpertz honored in the tenement museum?
  1. a the story of a person's life, told by that person.
  2. b people who live in a location
  3. c run down rental property
  4. d occurs when words suggest a meaning opposite to the one stated
  5. e Nathalia was successful in making it out of the tenements.

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  1. gives human qualities to an animal or an object
  2. words, phrases or images are repeated in a poem or story to call a reader's attention to them
  3. the difference between appearance and reality
  4. to be kicked out
  5. a concrete object that represents an idea
    water = life, sun = hope, flag=country

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  1. dramatic ironyoccurs when the audience knows important facts that the characters don't know.


  2. denselycrowded, packed close together


  3. rhymerepetition of similar or identical sounds in the end stressed syllables of words, "mark/shark"


  4. Unreliable narratorIf the narrator doesn't know what is happening or if he is lying.


  5. flashbackspreading rapidly