Song Of Solomon Vocabulary

19 terms by Dummmy

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Vocabulary for Song of Solomon


to free from restraint; liberate


free from cunning or deception


(adj.) showing respect for another's authority (His deferential attitude toward her made her more confident in her ability to run the company


devoid of significance or point


aggressive boldness or unmitigated effrontery


a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior


gaze at or think about something with great self-satisfaction, gratification, or joy


able to withstand attack, impossible to take by storm, not able to be conquered; impenetrable


the trait of exhibiting no personal embarrassment or concern, smooth and gracious in manner, lacking any distinctive or interesting taste property


identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others, choosing for a specific reason, appointing


to force onto another, insert surreptitiously or without warrant


puffed up with vanity, (adj) overly self-important in speech or manner; excessively stately or ceremonious


feelings of great warmth and intensity, the state of being emotionally aroused and worked up


full of trivial conversation, talkative, rambling


become pale and sickly, lacking vitality as from weariness or illness or unhappiness


defiantly aggressive, aggressively hostile


correct by punishment or discipline, censure severely, to seek to improve through punishment; to discipline


provide physical relief, as from pain, cause to be more favorably inclined, (v.) to make easier or milder, relieve; to quiet, calm; to put an end to, appease, satisfy, quench


unpleasantly loud and harsh, boisterous, disorderly, disturbing the public peace, unruly

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