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Which statement describes an advantage of networks?

Networks enable multiple users to share resources.

A ____ facilitates communication and resource sharing between other computers on the network.


____ networks are the most popular type of network for medium- and large-scale organizations.


A ____ network is confined to a relatively small space.


A ____ network connects clients and servers from multiple buildings.


A ____ is a specialized device that allows multiple networks or multiple parts of one network to connect and exchange data.

connectivity device

____ are the distinct units of data that are exchanged between nodes on a network.

Data Packets

____ services refer to the capability of a server to share data files, applications, and disk storage space.


____ services allow remote users to connect to the network.


____ provide a Web-based client for checking e-mail.

Mail Servers

Security auditing is handled by ____.

management services

Standards define the ____ performance of a product or service.

minimum acceptable

The goal of ____ is to establish international technological standards to facilitate the global exchange of information and barrier free trade.


The ____ is a specialized United Nations agency that provides developing countries with technical expertise and equipment to advance those nations' technological bases.


____ oversees the IAB (Internet Architecture Board).


Which statement accurately describes the OSI model?

It describes a theoretical representation of what happens between two nodes communicating on a network

Which OSI model layer initiates the flow of information?


In which OSI model layer does TCP operate?


Which type of protocol is useful when data must be transferred quickly?


Transport layer protocols break large data units into ____.


Each network node has ____ types of addresses.


The process of determining the best path from Point A on one network to Point B on another is known as ____.


In which OSI model layer does IP operate?


Which Data Link sublayer manages flow control?


Which Data Link sublayer manages access to the physical medium?


The ____ is a fixed number associated with a device's NIC.

physical address

In which OSI model layer do hubs operate?


In which OSI model layer(s) do NICs operate?

Physical and Data Link

Which IEEE standard describes Ethernet?


Which IEEE standard describes specifications for wireless transmissions?


____________________ are documented agreements containing technical specifications or other precise criteria that stipulate how a particular product or service should be designed or performed.


____________________ protocols establish a connection with another node before they begin transmitting data.

Connection Oriented

The distance between corresponding points on a wave's cycle is called its ____.


A digital signal composed of a pulse of positive voltage represents a ____.


The byte 00001110 means ____ on a digital network.


In modulation, a simple wave called a ____ wave, is combined with another analog signal to produce a unique signal that gets transmitted from one node to another.


When signals are free to travel in both directions over a medium simultaneously, the transmission is considered ____.


____ is a technology used with fiber-optic cable, which enables one fiber-optic connection to carry multiple light signals simultaneously.

WDM (wavelength division multiplexing)

The data transmission characteristic most frequently discussed and analyzed by networking professionals is ____.


One of the most common transmission flaws affecting data signals is ____.


The most significant factor in choosing a transmission method is its ____.


The more twists per foot in a pair of wires, the more resistant the pair will be to ____.

cross talk

Modern LANs use ____ or higher wiring.

Cat 5

Serial refers to a style of data transmission in which the pulses that represent bits follow one another along a ____ transmission line.


____ describes a popular serial data transmission method.

EIA/TIA RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232)

Which connector is used in RS-232 transmissions?


In a ____ cable, the usual wire positions are exactly reversed in one of the two RJ-45 terminations.


Which term describes the hardware that makes up the enterprise-wide cabling system?

cable plant

Which standard is also known as structured cabling?

TIA/EIA Commercial Building Wiring Standard

The points where circuits interconnect with other circuits is known as ____.

cross-connect facilities

Which term identifies a room containing connectivity for groups of workstations in its area?

telecommunications closet

____ describes wiring that connects workstations to the closest telecommunications closet.

Horizontal wiring

Many network problems can be traced to poor cable ____ techniques.


The use of 1s and 0s to represent information is characteristic of a(n) ____________________ system.


____________________ is a term used by networking professionals to describe the nondata information that must accompany data for a signal to be properly routed and interpreted by the network.


ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) reports on the success or failure of data delivery.


If a device does not know its own IP address, it can still use ARP.


TCP is a(n) ____ subprotocol.


A(n) ____ number is the address on a host where an application makes itself available to incoming or outgoing data.


____ is more efficient than TCP for carrying messages that fit within one data packet.


A UDP header contains ____ fields.


The subprotocol that enables TCP/IP to internetwork - that is, to traverse more than one LAN segment and more than one type of network through a router is ____.


____ operates at the Network layer and manages multicasting.


In the TCP/IP protocol suite, ____ is the core protocol responsible for logical addressing.


In IPv4 addressing, each IP address is a unique ____ number.


In IPv4 addressing, an IP address whose first octet is in the range of 192-223 belongs to a Class ____ network.


In IPv4 addressing, a node with an IP address of belongs to a Class ____ network.


In dotted decimal notation, a(n) ____ separates each decimal.


The default subnet mask for a Class B network is ____.

In most cases, BOOTP has been surpassed by the more sophisticated IP addressing utility, ____.


A(n) ____ address represents any one interface from a group of interfaces, any one of which can accept a transmission.


In IPv6, each address contains a(n) ____, or a variable-length field at the beginning of the address that indicates what type of address it is.

Format Prefix

If the standard port number for the Telnet service is 23, a host whose IPv4 address is has a socket address for Telnet of ____.

In the domain name, ____ is the top-level domain (TLD).


____ is a terminal emulation protocol used to log on to remote hosts using the TCP/IP protocol suite.


____ is a simple Application layer protocol used to synchronize the clocks of computers on a network.


____ is a utility that can verify that TCP/IP is installed, bound to the NIC, configured correctly, and communicating with the network.


Protocols that can span more than one LAN (or LAN segment) are ____________________, because they carry Network layer addressing information that can be interpreted by a router.


A physical topology ____.

depicts a network in broad scope

Without ____, a bus network would suffer from signal bounce.


In a ring network, each workstation acts as a(n) ____ for the transmission.


A complex combination of pure topologies is known as a ____ topology.


The most common logical topologies are ____ and ring.


A ____ is simply a linked series of devices.


In packet switching, when packets reach their destination node, the node ____ them based on their control information.


Collectively, MPLS labels are sometimes called a ____.


All Ethernet networks, independent of their speed or frame type, use an access method called ____.


A ____ occurs when two transmissions interfere with each other.


On an Ethernet network, a(n) ____ is the portion of a network in which collisions occur if two nodes transmit data at the same time.

collision domain

1000Base-T is a standard for achieving throughputs ____ times faster than Fast Ethernet over copper cable.


The 10GBase-T standard is considered a breakthrough for transmitting 10 Gbps over ____ medium.

twisted pair

The most common 1-Gigabit Ethernet standard in use today is ____.


The 10-gigabit fiber optic standard with the shortest segment length is ____.


In the 10GBase-LR standard, the L stands for ____.

long reach

Given their long-distance capabilities, 10GBase-ER and 10GBase-EW are best suited for use on ____.


Within Ethernet frame types, the ____ signals to the receiving node that data is incoming and indicates when the data flow is about to begin.


The data portion of an Ethernet frame may contain ____ bytes of information.

46 to 1500

The Ethernet_II frame type contains a 2-byte ____ field which differentiates it from the older Ethernet_802.3 and Ethernet_802.2 frame types.


In a(n) ____________________ topology, every node on the network is connected through a central device, such as a hub, router, or switch.


A network backbone is the ____________________ that connects the hubs, switches, and routers on a network.


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