Final exam

1. How many players on the court at a time for one team? ____
2. How many games played? _______
How many points?
Extra game points to? ___________
3. Maxium number of hits you can have to get the ball over the net?
4. Which way you rotate on the court?
5. A '911 move when you flatten your hand on the floor?
1. 6
2. best 3 out of 5
game to 15 win by 2
3. 3
4. clockwise
5. pancake
Underhand serving
1. what part of your hand do you use?
2. Do you "punch" the ball or "throw it in the air"?
3. If you were serving RIGHT HANDED, which FOOT would you step with?
4. if you were serving LEFT HANDED, which FOOT would you step with?
1. fingerpads
2. punch
3. left
4. right
Overhead serving

1. Most important component is _______
Toss the ball with one or two hands?
2. Where should you toss the ball when you serve?
1. toss
2. arms length above the head

1. arms- even or uneven
swing or use a platform?
1. even
2. platform
Setting/ tapping

1. Hands up and ready or down at your side?
2. Hands (specifcally your index fingers and thumbs) form what shape?
3. How many hands are used for:

Tip _______
Set _______
1. hands up and ready
2. Dimond or tringle
3. 2
Rules true or false

1. HItting the celling on a serve is a fair serve?
2. Hitting the net on a serve and it goes over- it is good?
3. Serving outside the candy striped pole is a fair serve?
4. Going over or stepping on the serving line is a sideout?
5. If the ball hits the sideline, it is called good?
1. false
2. true
3. false
4. true
5. true