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Principles of Business vocabulary for chapter 9


a goal for work that is fulfilled through an occupation or series of occupations

informational interview

a planned discussion with a worker who is willing to help you find out about the work that a person does, the preparation needed for that career, and the person's feelings about the career


the willingness and ability of a person to move to where jobs are located


things that are important to you


a natural, inborn aptitude to do certain things


the quality of being able to perform a mental or physical task

application form

asks for information related to employment


a tool that provides information about you to a potential employer

career portfolio

provides tangible evidence of your ability and skills

cover letter

expresses your interest in a specific job

employment interview

a two-way conversation in which the interviewer learns about you and you learn about the job and the company


an experienced employee who serves as counselor to a person with less experience

exit interview

which your employer asks questions about your work, be constructive and cooperative

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