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Vocab in catcher in the rye


Of an upper class; distinguished
(He kept telling her she had ________ hands.)


a person who believes there is no god
(...I'm sort of an _______. I like Jesus and all, but I don't care too much for most of the other stuff in the Bible.)


having done something so much as to be bored by it. (He was with some gorgeous blonde, and the two of them were trying to be very ______ and all, like as if he didn't even know people were looking at him)


smug, conventional, materialistic
(He was always saying snotty things about them, my suitcases for instances. He kept saying they were too new and ________.)


Ability to contain, absorb, receive and hold
(One thing I have, it's a terrific _______. I can drink all night and not even show it, if I'm in the mood.)


Attentive to duty; diligent
(It's not a paradise or anything, but it's as good as most schools. Some of the faculty are pretty _____.)


strays temporarily from the main topic
(And if the boy _____ at all, your)


One who likes to show off and get attention
(All I need's an audiance. I'm an ________.)


in disguise
(...I don't want to stay at any hotels on the East Side where I might run into some acquantances of mine. I'm traveling _________.)


strong feelings of inadequacy
(Jane said he wasn't a show-off. She said he had an _________ complex.)


Privately, personally, very closely
(...the whole summer long we plated tennis together almost every morning and golf almost every afternoon. I really got to know her quite______.)


Coat; cloak
(Do you mind getting me my frock)


Reaching blindly
(I started _______ around in front of me, like a blind guy, but without getting up or anything.)


Bad smelling breath
(I have this one stupid aunt with _______ that kept saying how peaceful he looked lying there.)


generous or liberal in giving or spending
(My Grandmother'd just sent me a wad about a week before. I have this grandmother that's quite ____ with her dough.)


a person regarded as mean or contemptible
(The bartender were to _____, too.)


Showing a lack of concern; casual indifference
(He got stinking, but I hardly didn't even show it. I just got very cool and _________.)


Shunned; excluded; left out
(The Whole team ______ me the whole way back on the train)


One who opposes the use of force under any circumstances. (I'm not too tough. I'm a ________ if you want to know the truth.)


characteristic of teaching or teachers (Holden...One short, faintly stuffy, _______ question. Don't you think there's a time and place for everything.)


(The band was ________. Buddy singer. Very brassy, but not good brassy--corny brassy.)


interchangeable; complimentary
(You'll learn from them--if you want to. Just as someday, if you have something to offer, someone will learn something from you. It's beautiful _________ arrangement.)


getting pleasure from inflicting pain on others
(I was pretty _______ with him quite often.)


Worldly wise; refined
(All of them swimming around in a goddam pot of tea and saying ______ stuff to each other and being charming and phony.)


one who takes shorthand
(Or may end up in some business office, throwing paper clips at the nearest______.)


showing or based on total agreement (Well, a bunch of us wanted old Ernie to be president of the class. I mean he was the _______ choice.)

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