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Thomas Newcomen

invents the Steam Engine

John Kay

invents the flying shuttle

James Watt

produces the modern Steam engine

Samuel Crompton

invents the spinning mule

Edmund Cartwright

invents the power loom

Eli Whitney

invents the cotton gin

Robert Fulton

begins inland steam service

Karl Marx

publishes the Communist Manifesto

James Hargreaves

invented the spinning "jenny"

Richard Arkwright

invented the water frame, opened the first spinning mill

John McAdam

used gravel to make roads

Samuel Morse

invented the Morse code, dots and dashes

Cyrus Field

dropped a cable across the Atlantic

Michael Faraday

produces an electric current in a wire (dynamo)

Wright Brothers

make the first successful airplane flight

Charles Darwin

publishes "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection", "Survival of the fittest"

Alexander Fleming

discovers penicillin

John Dalton

outlines the method of "weighing" atoms

Dmitri Mendeleyev

develops the first workable classification of the elements (periodic table)

Wilhelm Röentgen

discovers X-ray


discover radioactivity


discovers, protons, neutrons, electrons


E=mc2, develops the special theory of relativity


politician, wanted the Prussia to bring the unity of Germany

William I

king of Prussia


chief minister of Sardinia

Victor Emmanuel II

King of Sardinia

Giuseppe Garibaldi

his supporters are known as the "Red Shirts", conquered the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

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