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  1. Christians have a special connection to the ____ people.
  2. A ____ is an agreement between God and His people.
  3. Reading the ____ ____ can help us to understand Jewish history and beliefs.
  4. ___ is work toward Christian unity.
  5. God promised Abraham and Sarah that he would give them ____.

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  1. He would be sent to bring mercy, peace, and justice to the world.Why did John say the Messiah would be sent?


  2. God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Jesus is both divine and human; Jesus died for us and rose from the dead; the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit.Why did John say the Messiah would be sent?


  3. Catholics____ are Christians who follow the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ.


  4. MosesJohn prepared the people for the coming of the ____.


  5. Christian UnityEach year in January, the Catholic Church prays for ____ ____.