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  1. intercostal muscles
  2. respiratory cycle
  3. diaphragm
  4. ventilation
  5. intrapleural fluid
  1. a _________ separates the visceral and parietal pleura
  2. b _________= inspiration + exhalation
  3. c the thorax is separated from the abdomen by the _________
  4. d _________- group of muscles that run between the ribs
  5. e _________- exchange of air between atmophere and alveoli

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  1. _________- tubes that air flows through from the external environment->alveoli and back
  2. _________ represents the transmural pressure across the chest wall
  3. _________- the first airways that no longer contain cartilage
  4. each lung is surrouned by a completely closed sac, the _________, consisting of _________
  5. _________- composed of the nose, mouth, pharynx, and larynx

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  1. alveoli_________- sites of gas exchange w/ the blood


  2. transpulmonary pressure_________ is a determinant of lung size


  3. inspiration_________- movement of air from alveoli -> external environment via airways


  4. thoraxin some of athe alveolar walls, _________ permit the flow of air between alveoli


  5. parietal pleura_________- is attached to and lines the interior thoracic wall and diaphragm