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Intro: talk about why I love working for a company where I am able to see an impact of my job very easily.

- There is an excitement I get out of seeing a business grow and that's what I have been able to do with Carley and her small business.

- I have been able to take this small business and implement innovative systems and improve her marketing and sales outreach techniques to gather more business for her company and I've been able to see the impact firsthand that those have had on both her personally and professionally.

- I would love to take those skills and grow my own "business" if put into a territory. I am more than capable of growing my "business" and allowing it to positively affect me personally, as well as grow Lenovo's business by contributing to them and help the company overall and that's very exciting to me.

- This is a very exciting time to work somewhere like Lenovo where IT is the great connector for our world, especially in 2020 and with COVID. So I will really be able to help with that and that's an exciting challenge for me.

- I have hands-on experience with a small company. I am so excited to be somebody contributing to a larger company and that's going to be a new challenge for me.

- My main goal in this role would be to not only make strides in my professional career and financial goals, but it would also be to add to Lenovo's growth. Growth in both making more money for Lenovo and contributing amazing ideas to improve an already stellar customer experience.
I have worn so many hats in my current position. In my role for Carley, my role isn't clearly defined. I have had the ability to pick up and morph into anything that Carley needs to make her business successful.
I am incredibly adaptable. Whether I have to go into a situation and be the face of her company in place of Carley herself and connect with customers face to face, or if I have to connect with someone virtually or write emails for her or keeping her schedule, or even sourcing items for clients spaces, I have done almost every single role that I would need to do in a big business, from admin responsibilities, to sales and marketing, to communications, on a smaller scale. Which is why I am super excited to work for someplace like Lenovo where I can get the opportunity within the LASR program to look at how I wold work through all of those different scales at a larger company and figure out what my true passion is by learning from seasoned professionals at Lenovo.

Within the different roles I will get to try out at Lenovo and gain mentorship from people who have been doing these jobs at a Fortune 500 company for a while now, I will be able to see where I, really, have the most passion and where I fit the best and where I am most contribute the best to a business.

By working for Carley at her Start up, where I was the only employee she had until we decided to take on interns, I had to be able to be the jack of all trades. This makes me incredibly unique because Carley didn't really know what she needed I watched a business rise from the ground up. I was able to establish something that made a serious imprint on a company and brand.
I was able to say, "Hey Carley, we really need some marketing materials." "Hey Carley, we need to get our communications better." "Carley, we've got to be able to create a really solid schedule for you to be able to book these appointments and keep them because your product alone is not going to keep a customer."
I realized early on in her business that being an influencer on Instagram was not going to be enough. I really had to then take responsibilities and the methods I had learned from previous job roles into my own hands and communicate to her that her brand services and products, her "influence," may bring a customer in but in order to keep a customer and close business with a said customer, you have to be organized, your marketing skills have to be on point and branch out far beyond the Instagram platform, you have to be able to be reliable and you have to be able to provide your product effectively and in a way that is going to ring in that customer satisfaction.

Really, what I had to do when coming into Carley's business, is create an entire internal organizational structure that could provide a firm foundation for more than just one person (ie: Carley). That internal structure included creating a marketing group, multiple social media presences beyond just her initial influencer presence which really meant going deeper into social media interactions and social media marketing - not just an influencer presence. I had to create a system for her to be able to book business and maintain those appointments, while also being able to multitask and easily navigate internal documents and notes for customers.

Essentially, I was entrusted (without even knowing it) to create a customer experience model for Carley that never existed. Because Carley was really good at bringing people in from an aesthetic point of view and from a product envy POV because everything she was selling was very, for a lack of better words, "sexy", but she wasn't actually able to follow through on it from a professional lens. So what I was able to do was take her vision and make it something sellable to a customer.