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all inclusivedescribes a vacation that includes room. meals, beverages, entertainment, and all activities in one price.all-suite hotela hotel in which every room is a suite, with a bedroom and living room. catering to business travelersamerican plana hotel pricing plan that includes three meals with the cost of the roomamtrakthe government-funded passenger rail service that operated in the United StatesARUNKa code for arrival unknown; describes an open jaw trip in which the travel agent does not know how the traveler is getting from one city to anotheravailabiltydescribes tickets, fares, or rooms that may be purchases, or the time during which a certain fare, discount, or room rate is available.baggage allowanceThe amount of baggage a traveler can bring without incurring additional expense.bed and breakfast (B&B)an inn that is much like a private home (and is usually converted private residence). where guests receive a room and breakfast for one cost.bertha bed on a ship or trainboat deckThe deck of a cruise ship where sufficient lifeboats for all passengers and crew are stored.bridge deckThe deck of a cruise ship where the captain and navigation crew control the operation of the ship and have their classA section of an aircraft offering accommodations that are more comfortable than coach, but less luxurious than first class; created for business travelers.cabin stewardThe employee on a cruise ship who clean rooms; similar to a housekeeper in a hotel.carrieranother name for an airlinecarry-on baggageAny packages or bags that a passenger takes on board with them, either on a plane or a way for a customer to rent a car if he or she does not have a credit card, by proving his or her employment, address, and credit accounts.charter tourA travel package in which a number of people are going to the same destination, often from the same target market, usually on an airplane or bus hired especially for that purpose.checked baggageany packages or bags that are carried in the baggage storage area of a plane or a train.chief purser's officeA guest services office on a cruise ship where passengers can cash checks, plan parties, and receive other tripA round trip in which the passenger takes different routes to and from his or her pairthe departure and destination citiesCivil Aeronautics Board (CAB)A government agency that regulated air travel from 1938 to 1978, when it was disbanded as part of the deregulation of the airline industry.client profileA record, usually in a computer reservation system, that shows a traveler's basic information, frequent traveler numbers, and carOn a passenger train, a car with fewer seats than the coach car, where fares include complimentary beverages and meals carOn a passenger train, the main seating section, with reclining seats on either side of an classThe rear section of the airplane, where most passengers sit, usually offering some amenities such as food and nonalcoholic beverages.commercial hotelUsually a large hotel designed for business travelers, offering dining service, and often meeting rooms, free breakfast, and other amenities.commercial travelTraveling for the purpose of conducting business; also known as corporate travel or business travel.comprehensive planA full business plan that provides an in-depth analysis of the critical factors that will determine a firm's success or failure, along with all the underlying reservation system (CRS)An international computer system through which travel agents can make airline reservations; the electronic version of the Official Airline Guide.concieragea hotel employee who attends to the needs or guests, by providing information or making arrangements, such as for theater tickets or dinner reservations.configurationthe trade term fo rthe way seats are arranged in an airplane; also known as seating arrangement, seating chart, or seat assignmentconfirmation numberNumber assigned to each reservation placed.conjunction ticketan airplane ticket for a trip with more than four air segments.connecting flightan airline flight that requires a passenger to get off one plane and get onto another plane to complete the journeyconnecting roomstwo hotel rooms that are located next to each other, and are connected by a door.continental breakfastA light breakfast, usually consisting of muffins or sweet rolls, plus juice, coffee, or tea, often provided free of charge to hotel guests.corporate travelTraveling for the purpose of conducting business; also known as commercial travel or business directorThe cruise ship employee who arranges activities for passengers, supervises the activities staff, and sells shore excursions.deadheadAn airline employee who is flying without a paid ticket, and not as a member of a working crew.deck waiterOn a cruise ship, an employee who serves drinks and snacks on deck. deluxe bedroom On a passenger train, a bedroom in which a sofa and armchair convert into beds at night, with a private bathroom.Department of transportation (DOT)The government agency that governs economic concerns of the transportation industry.disembarkto get off a plane, train or shipdomesticrefers to travel withing the country where a person livesdouble slumbercoachOn a passenger train, a sleeping compartment for two people, with two seats that transform into beds, and a lavatory.drop-off chargeA fee charged by car rental companies to renters who return a car to a different city from the one in which they rented the car.economy bedroomOn a passenger train, a bedroom with two reclining seats that convert into a bed, but no private bathroom.economy seasonThe time of the year in which demand for travel services is lowest.escorted tourA travel package in which a guide or tour conductor accompanies travelers for the entire tripEuropean planA lodging pricing plan in which no meals are included in the price of the room. excursion fare A fare that requires a round-trip purchase and usually has a variety of restrictions; also known as a promotional fare.familiarization trip (FAM)A trip organized by a tour company, city, or theme park in which travel agents are invited to participate so they can learn about the locale and promote it to bedroomOn a passenger train, a bedroom that extends across the train and can accommodate two adults and two children sleeping, but does not have a private bathroom.fare basisa term for the price category in which a passenger's ticket is charged.Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)A federal agency that regulates the airline industry, a branch of the Department of travel package that includes airfare, a rental car, and usually hotel accommodations.frequency codeA code in the OAG that notes which days of the week a particular flight operates.frequent traveler programA program provided by an airline, hotel, or car rental company which rewards travelers based on the number and distance of their travels with that company, or their program partners.gateway citycity where a tour or cruise startsGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)A standard time used throughout the world, the correct time at Greenwich Observatory in rateA discount room rate offered to someone reserving a block of rooms at the same time, usually requiring a minimum number of room reservations.guaranteed reservationA reservation in which the guest has presented a credit card, advance payment, or direct billing to ensure that the room will be held if he or she arrives late, and ensures that the hotel will be paid for the room even if the guest does not show up.hardwarea cruise ship and its physical attributes and amenitiesincentive travelA trip offered as an award by a company to employees who meet a target or achieve a specific goal.inside stateroomA cabin on a cruise ship that does not have a port hole or any view of the outside.inter-line changeAn airline connection that requires changing planes from one airline to another.launcha boat that carries passengers to and from a ship if the ship cannot dockloss damage waiver (LDW)A form of insurance offered by car rental companies that covers a renter if he or she is involved in a crash.maitre d'hotelThe employee in a restaurant who greets customers and seats them, and often supervises the dining room staff.modifiedAmerican plan A hotel pricing plan that includes two mealss a day with the cost of the room.officersthe senior staff on a ship, including the captain, who actually drive and navigate the shipopen-jaw tripA trip in which the passenger either travels to one city, then departs from another on his or her way home, or in which the passenger begins the journey in one city, travels to a second city, and then a third, without returning to the first city.passenger name record (PNR)Information required for reservations, including the passenger's name, contact, information, and itinerarypeak seasonthe time of the year in which demand for travel services is highest.promotional rateA discount offered at a hotel to boost room occupancy in times of low demand, such as weekends; sometimes offered to honeymooners or for other special promotions.roometteOn a passenger train, a room designed for one adult in which a seat provides a cover for the lavatory and transforms into a bed at rateA rate quoted to a wholesaler when actual seasonal rates have not yet been confirmed.single slumbercoachOn a passenger train, a sleeping compartment for one person, with a lavatory and a seat that transforms into a bed.super advance purchase planA travel insurance plan that guarantees a traveler purchasing a trip of more than two weeks can get his or her money refunded if he or she cancels.ticketing time limitThe last date at which a passenger must purchase the ticket in order to get the fare quoted or to guarantee the reservation.validity dateThe date on which a tour will actually take place, or on which a fare or package is offered.value seasonThe time of the year when demand for travel services is neither highest nor stewardA person who offers customers advice on selecting wine to go with their meal and presents the wine at the table.