DECA Principles of Finance

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In a weekly staff meeting, Morgan presents a set of new procedures that she believes will improve the departments productivity levels. Jacob disagrees with Morgans approach and provides alternative for improvement. Although Morgan agrees with a couple of Jacobs points, she still thinks her plan will be better for the company in the long run. How can Morgan effectively defend her idea for improvement?
ChronologicalAn employee is preparing a formal report and must present important facts in the sequence in which they occurred. The employee should prepare the report by presenting the information in _____________ order.FlowchartWhat is a graphic aid that uses text to depict a sequence of events or the order of a process?Proofread the message for spelling and grammatical errorsBefore sending a professional e-mail message to a business associate, a businessperson should...Informative messageKevin developed a letter stating that his company will be offering discounts on certain products for a limited time. This is an example of...Executive summaryCaroline does not have the time to read an entire 400-page business report, what section of the report should she review to obtain an overview of the most important content.Formal, downwardXRT Corporations human-resources manager sends a memo to all employees that describes some general changes that will affect their healthcare insurance next year. This is an example of ___________ communication.Offend the clientsBusiness people who fail to adapt to their communication styles to appeal to their international clients are more likely to...Require employees to respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours.What is a policy that the WNJ Company might implement to reinforce its image as an efficient and responsive business?Customer AdvocacyBecause Olivia is very happy with the quality of goods and service that she receives from the XOP Company, she provides the business with several referrals. This is an example of...Online SecurityKemper Corporation continuously updates the firewalls on its web site to protect its customers personal information from theft. Kempers action helps build trust with its customers in relation to...Updating customer information in the computer databaseAn important aspect of using technology in customer relationship management involves...Buildings, roads, and equipment.What are some examples of Capital goods?ScarcityA problem on a drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico has affected the amount of oil that is extracted and refined in this region. Because it is summer travel season, the demand for gasoline is increasing; however, there is less gasoline available, and the prices for gasoline spike. What economic condition does this situation best describe?Buying powerAlthough the Calvert Automobile Company produces 1,500 Model ZX sports cars annually, over 500,000 people want to purchase the car each year. The 1,500 individuals who are willing and able to pay the high price to obtain the cars have...Share human resourcesWhat is one reason that businesses use matrix organizational design?Free-trade agreementsWhat is a factor that has provided businesses with more opportunities to buy and sell products at the international level?ContractionWhich cycle of the business cycle would most likely have an unfavorable effect on the business environment?CommandThe government owns and operates most of the means of production and distribution in a country. The government establishes production quotas for businesses, sets products prices, and tells workers what their wages will be. This is an example of a(n) _________ economic system.Casting economic voteswhat are consumers doing when they purchase goods and services in a market economy?IncomeEvery pay period, Sarah's employer withholds a certain percentage of her earnings, which her employer forwards to various government agencies. What type of tax is Sarah`s employer withholding?A machinist who works for a large manufacturer that produces parts for farm equitmentWhat type of worker is considered a member of a craft/trade union?Consumer spending increasesWhat is most likely to happen during a time of economic expansion?Government significance decreases its spending on domestic goods and servicesThe gross domestic product (GDP) is most likely to decrease when the...StructuralWhen minimally skilled workers lose their jobs due to technological advancements that require specialized skills, what type of unemployment exist?Low-self management skillsWhen Eddie became upset with a coworker during a business meeting, he threw his file down on the table, left the conference room, and slammed the door behind him, What was Eddie demonstrating.Visualization boardsWhat tool is helpful to individuals who want to increase their levels of self-esteem?Being denied a promotion on the basis of agewhat is an example of discrimination in the workplace?Identify one strength for every weaknessAs Ben assesses his personal strengths and weaknesses, what can he do to keep from focusing too criticize you for them?Self-confidenceWhat personal attribute involves feeling comfortable with you opinions and decisions, even when others criticize you for them?HonestyWhen Claire tells her supervisor that she made a mistake on the report that she recently submitted, she is demonstrating...Bill managed to keep his temper in check when Ali made comments that he didn't likeWhat is an example of a person demonstrating self-control?It often takes time to feel comfortable with changeWhat is an important thing to remember about change?Income, family status, and education levelWhat is a secondary dimension of diversity?The use of JargonWhile making a presentation to a customer, Kip used complex terms that the customer didn't understand. In this situation, effective communication was hindered due to...FunctionalJanelle and Kirk are members of a work team and disagree about how to proceed with a new project, What type of conflict are Janelle and Kirk experiencing?CredibilityWhat leadership quality involves demonstrating competence and reliability?AdaptableWhen Trisha learned that her company was switching to a new computer-software program, she accepted the change and worked overtime to become familiar with the new program. Trisha exhibited ___________ behavior.Jiffy Parcel Service strives to provide the quickest, most reliable delivery service in the country.What leadership quality involves demonstrating competence and reliability?Feedback for improvmentNancy sais, "That was a good try, Stanley. Next time you might want to take the opposite approach. You might find that it works better for you in these types of situations." This is an example of a coach providing...When Naomi purchased office supplies, she presented the cashier with a card that automatically withdrew funds from her business`s checking accountWhat is an example of processing a transaction with a debit card...Paper MoneyWhat form of currency is issued by the federal government?Medium of exchangeAfter Mrs. Green provided the cashier with $2.50 in cash and coins, she left the grocery store with a gallon of milk. In this situation, money is being used as a...RetirementEmily has eight percent of her weekly paycheck placed in an employer-sponsored fund that she can access later in her life, when she is no longer working. Emily is planning for her...Variable expensesWhen Jeremy develops his personal budget, he should categorize the money that he spends on food, clothing, and entertainment as...Gross PayOn a pay stub, the total amount of money that a worker has earned for the pay period before deductions is listed as...RestriciveThe following is written on the back of a check: "For deposit only; maria Evans; Account #285655." This is an example of a(n) ____________ endorsement.Track the amount of money she has spentMelissa writes checks to pay for her rent, utilities, and groceries; and she keeps a record of all these transactions in her check register. Keeping an accurate check register helps Melissa...Transaction feesWhen Armand is comparing his checkbook balance with his bank statement, he must make sure that he has subtracted the ____________ from his checkbook.Tax deductionsWhen preparing a personal income tax form, parents report some of their childcare expenses to receive....A retail bankPatrick wants to keep a certain amount of money in a safe place in which he can earn interest on his savings, and also be able to withdraw his funds without experiencing sizable financial penalties. In what type of financial institution should Patrick consider placing his money?presents financial information in a standard formatWhat is the advantage of using generally accepted accounting principles?Create invoices and record customer paymentsAccounting computer software programs increase the efficiency of accounting activities because they are used to...Rent, utilities, and suppliesWhat is an example of cash outflows?Hiring a friend or family memberWhat is an example of an ethical dilemma that human resources managers may encounter?The product is expensiveCustomers are more likely to spend a lot of time evaluating several options before buying a product when...Strengthen its brand valueThe effective use of touch points can help a business to...A technical-trends report that was written on February 5, 2013What is most likely to contain timely information?BookmarkingNatalie is a research associate for marketing-research firm who spends a lot of her time on the internet to obtain various types of business information. Natalie can save time and easily return to web sites that she frequently visits by using the ___________ tool on her internet browser.KeyboardWhat is a primary computer-system tool used to input data?Operating SystemTo use various software programs, a computer must have a(n)...Makes it easier to comparison shopWhat is one benefit that the internet provides consumers?ReplyIf Joe wants to respond to an e-mail message that he received from Natalie, he should first click on the ____________ key.TheWhat is an example of a "stop" word that a search engine is most likely to ignore when retrieving query results?Cut and pasteWhile typing a document using a word-processing software, Janice decided that she wanted to move a paragraph from the first page to the second page of her business report. What actions should Janice use to efficiently move the text?TransitionWhen using presentation software, computer users can add visual and sound effects between slides that allow for an interesting...Share informationThe primary purpose of collaborative software applications in the business environment is to...Use short blocks of textWhen developing a web page, it is best to...LogisticsWarehousing and shipping methods are operations considerations relates to...Product qualityProduction shortcuts that lower the durability of goods are unethical practices relating to...To reduce the risk of widespread illnessWhy is it important for businesses to follow local health ordinances?Conduct safety inspectionsWhat can managers do to ensure that their employees are following the business's safety procedures in the workplace?Use the kitchen fire extinguisher to put out the fireWhile Ken was heating up his lunch in the company's kitchen microwave oven, his food caught on fire. What is the most appropriate action for Ken to take?Discourages attempt burglariesWhat is the advantage to a business that installs external surveillance cameras in prominent locations around it property?The last employee to leave a business facility after business hours fails to set the security alarm.A business is most likely to experience a security breach when?Firewallswhat type of computer program helps protect digital business information from the negative effects of malware?TangibleOffice supplies, computers, steel, and signage are example of __________ resources that might be needed for projects.Employee productivity decreasesWhat is likely to happen if a business fails to monitor its inventory of office supplies?Does the vendor have the resources to consistently meet our business`s needs?What is an important question that a business should ask when selecting a vendor?PositioningArm and Hammer baking soda, which was originally developed as a cooking ingredient, is now being sold as an effective refrigerator deodorizer. This is an example of ____________ innovation.Identity and check your assumptionsBefore you analyze the available information to solve a problem, it is important to...OptimismEven when times are tough for Caitlin`s business venture, she tends to remain positive-she looks at the glass as half full rather than half empty. What characteristic of entrepreneurship is Caitlin exhibiting?Private employment agencyColin is an experienced computer programmer who has contacted an organization to help him find a new job in another city. After the organization helps Colin obtain a job, Colin's new employer will pay a fee to the organization. What type of organization is helping Colin find a job?Write clearly using a black or blue pen to present a professional appearanceWhat should you do when completing a job application?Exhibit enthusiasmTo present a positive impression during a job interview, the applicant should...Reinforce your qualifications and interest in the positionA primary purpose of sending a follow-up letter to the interviewer after a job interview is to...ActionWhat type of words should Rebecca use to describe her skills and accomplishments when writing her resume?Doing volunteer workSally is interested in working with animals. In her free time, Sally goes to the local animal shelter to help feed, walk, and care for the stray dogs and cats. Sally is gaining experience in her field of interest by...Work in a specific industrySeminars and workshops that are sponsored by trade associations are ways to obtain job training for people who....Conceptual skillsWhen managers have the ability to understand how all of the functions of the company are interrelated they possess...What?Which question is NOT answered in the process of market identification?cultureOne employee change or new code of conduct can change the _________ of an organization; HR needs to keep notice of this and try to ease employees through these; informationThe purpose of data analysis is to take _______ and translate it into _______.the secret serviceWho investigates counterfeiting claims?whistle blowingWhich of the following is the last line of defense for the public against secretive and powerful institutions that act in unethical ways?sequential patternsWhile shopping online for a coat, Logan notices the website suggests he may want to purchase gloves or a scarf to go with it. This suggestion was made based on the use of ___________.upper-level managementIn a business, a quality culture begins with which group of people?the people only produce what they must have in order to existWhich of the following is operating under a traditional economic system?visionWhat defines the way an organization looks into the future?utilityWhich of the following is provided by the use of an economic good or service?To give a business a long-lasting competitive edge over its competitors.What is the purpose of strategic management?expense officesWhat is the best place to start cutting expenses to help get spending under control?an outline of the research planA research report is a written document that summarizes an investigation related to a particular issue or problem. What is contained in the methodology section of a research report?irregular and repetitiveBusiness cycles are considered which of the following?Feedback can help people to measure their performance or behavior and the effectiveness of their efforts in any venture.How can receiving feedback affect an individual's personal growth?