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red, blue and yellow
These are considered the three pure colors?
orange, green and violet
When mixing two primary colors in equal proportions, the colors produced are:
An equal mixture of blue with what color produces green?
Colors made by mixing primary colors with their neighboring secondary color in equal proportions are known as:
This combination is NOT a tertiary color?
warm and cool colors
Tone can be expressed by this description?
If a client's skin tone falls into the yellow, red and orange category it would be classified as:
green and red
Rachel is planning to use a complementary color scheme for future salon decor. What two colors would be a good complimentary scheme?
An application of the following complementary color categories would help eliminate unwanted brassiness or orange tones from a haircolor?
What primary color is considered the darkest?
What refers to vividness of a color or the strength of the tone?
level 10
What is the lightest haircolor level?
Melanocytes produce small egg-shaped structures called this?
predominant amount of pheomelanin
After viewing the cortex of hair under a microscope, red hair color would be determined due to a:
one level lighter than the desired shade
When mixing an oxidative color for hair that is 25%-30% gray, apply a color:
pre-lighten or pre-soften the hair
If the hair is more resistant to color, the cosmetologist may need to:
the lightness or darkness of hair
A level of color shows:
The majority of the world population falls into which level of color?
existing tone
Which factor, along with the natural pigment and color level, might influence a client's color service?
What identifies the warmth or coolness of a color?
Which hair texture may tend to process slightly lighter than the intended level?
Fine hair, which is less resistant, may appear to process in what manner when depositing color?
the porosity of the hair
Chemical products such as hair colors, lighteners, perms and relaxers affect:
Which type of porosity may take longer to absorb coloring?
extreme porosity
The condition in which the cuticle is lifted or missing is referred to as:
When hair has been identified as having resistant porosity, the cuticle layers are smooth and:
the artificial pigment applied to the hair
When changing the color of the hair, the stylist must keep in mind that the final hair color is a combination of the existing pigment and:
a predisposition or patch test
For any color using a aniline derivative ingredient, what is required?
leaves a line of demarcation
This is NOT a characteristic of semi-permanent colors?
semi-permanent molecules are smaller in size
Why are color molecules able to penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair when using semi-permanent products versus temporary colors?
porosity of hair
Semi-permanent colors are alkaline and generally last through several shampoos depending on the:
lift or lighten existing color
Demi-permanent colors are NOT designed to:
low volume peroxide
This statement identifies what demi-permanent colors use to develop the color molecules and aid in the color processing?
hydrogen peroxide
Permanent hair colors are mixed with:
What type of hair colors lift the natural pigment and deposit artificial pigment in one process?
oxidative colors
Permanent dyes containing para-dyes would fall into which color category?
the hair strand swells
Which statement identifies the action performed by oxidative tints after initial applications?
In a permanent hair color procedure, the small colored molecules enter the hair with the aid of an alkalizing agent such as:
30 to 40 volume hydrogen peroxide
High lift tints are designed to achieve lighter colors and are generally mixed with a double amount of:
bowl and brush
Cream hair colors are generally mixed with a cream developer and are commonly applied with a:
hair needs to be prelightened
In order for a toner to be effective, this step needs to be performed:
What product would be selected to neurtralize a brassy gold effect after prelightening a client's hair?
A patch test is required with permanent colors because they contain which type of derivative?
What base toner would be used to produce a neutral blonde on prelightened yellow hair?
What product would be used to equalize the porosity and deposit a base color on a client's hair?
replace the hair's missing primary color
This result could generally be expected when using a filler?
What products are used to remove a defused melanin?
cause the melanin to break
Lighteners utilize ingredients such as ammonia and peroxide to penetrate the cortex and:
How many stages of lightening or decolorization exist?
Hair should never be lightened or decolorzed to:
ashy or gray
If the hair is overlightened a toner may cause the hair to appear:
amount of natural pigmentation of melanin in the hair
This effects the processing time when lightening hair?
contributing pigment
This is another name for undertone:
an activator (booster)
What can be mixed with a cream on-the-scalp lightener to speed the process?
oil ligthener
In order to lift one or two levels of color, which of the following products would be selected?
double-process blonde
A powder lightener without buffering agents and conditioners could not be used for this procedure?
off-the-scalp lightener
What product comes in powder form and when mixed with hydrogen peroxide becomes a strong lightening agent?
On-the-scalp and off-the-scalp lighteners have a pH level around:
alkaline compounds
In order to become active, hydrogen peroxide needs to be mixed with ammonia or:
This is an oxidative agent used with demi-permanent and permanent colors, lighteners and toners?
between 2.5 and 4.5
What is the pH level of hydrogen peroxide, a commonly used developer in hair coloring products?
higher volume of developer
What is used to achieve more levels of lift when working with lighteners?
What type of mixing bowls may cause peroxide to weaken?
3 years
What is the shelf life of hydrogen peroxide?
hair darkens with each application
Metallic dyes are known as progressive dyes because the:
metallic, compound dyes and vegetable dyes
Color products that are available, but are not recommended for use are:
heat from the scalp accelerates processing
Why does the base area lighten faster when using a midstrand to ends then base (lighter result) technique?
freeform painting
This application technique is used to brush colors or ligthener directly on the surface of dry, styled hair?
Special effects using color darker than the natural hair color on selected strands is referred to as this:
weaving and slicing
This technique utilizes a piece of foil or thermal strip that holds lightener or color?
if the effect will be subtle or dramatic
The amount and density of the strands selected during the cap technique in hair coloring will determine:
After an oxidative color has been used, any leftover color product needs to be:
result in breakage
Overlapping lightener during a retouch service could:
proceed with the service
If redness and swelling were found around the test area when performing a predisposition test, you should not:
at the crown
A preliminary strand test should be performed here:
increasing processing time
If the hair does not appear light enough during a preliminary strand test, this step should be implemented?
well lit, preferably with windows
To avoid any false color analysis, be sure the area used for performing the analysis is:
reflective listening
Repeating back what a client has said in order to clarify any misunderstanding is called:
after the greeting, prior to performing the service
When should a cosmetologist ask a client about past color services?
hair color swatches
During a client consultation prior to the service, what item could be used to better understand the client's specific desires?
keeping accurate records
Maintaining ongoing hair color services and consistent chemical results can be achieved by:
clean, towel-blotted hair
Temporary colors should be applied to this hair condition?
predisposition test
Semi-permanent colors that contain an aniline derivative ingredient require a:
color glazing
Applying color over previously colored hair to refresh the color is referred to as:
base (regrowth) area only
During a retouch procedure, apply mixture to:
What type of lightener is generally used when performing a cap highlighting technique?
double-process blonde
What process involves lightening the hair and then recoloring to the desire tone?
1/8" (.35 mm)
What size partings are used for a double-process blonde procedure?
mix and apply the toner
In a double-process blonde procedure, after rinsing the lighterner and checking for scalp abrasions you should:
tint back
Coloring the hair back to its original color is called a:
hair color removal technique
This method would be used if a hair color service results in a darker color than the client desires?
What would provide an even base from which to work during a tint back procedure?
color formula was too light
This response could be the reason for a color result that is too light?
Apply 70% alcohol to the hair strand for five to seven minutes to remove this product:
tint to desired color
Following a color removal procedure, the stylist should: