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What are the 5 themes of geography?
a) place, region, human-environment interaction, location, movement
b)relocation, migration, expansion, hierarchical, contagious
c) linear, centralized, random, agglomeration, scattered

A) place, region, human-environment interaction, location, movement

Which type of map would have the largest scale?
a) country map
b) city map
c) world map

B) city map

What is the difference between GPS and GIS?
a) GPS colerates with GIS, but GIS doesn't colerate with GPS.
b) GPS uses GIS data.
c)GIS is layering data, whereas GPS is gathering data.

C) GIS is layering data, whereas GPS is gathering data.

Who first coined the term geography?
a) Socrates
b) Aristotle
c)Zheng He

C) Zheng He

The azimuthal map best reflects what class of map projection?
a) Planar
b) Oval
c) Cylindrical

A) Planar

What are maps called that keeps shapes intact but distort area?
a) Azimuthal
b) Conformal
c) Relative

B) Conformal

Radio station areas are an example of which type of region?
a) Functional
b) Graphical
c) Vernacular

A) Functional

Which term refers to the physical character of a location?
a) place
b) absolute location
c) site

C) site

Environmental determinism was replaced by which approach to geography in the late 20th century?
a) stimulus approach
b) possiblist approach
c) distribution approach

B) possiblist approach

What geographical feature usually distinguishes time zones?
a) 15 degrees of longitude
b) 5 degrees of latitude
c) 30 degrees of longitude

A) 15 degrees of longitude

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