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What is the confirmation or validation of an event or object?
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What are material items or products that customers will buy to satisfy a want or need?GoodsWhat is the rate at which goods and services are produced based upon total output given total inputs?ProductivityMIS is a business function, like accounting or sales, which moves information about people, products, and processes across the company to facilitate decision making and problem solving. What does MIS stand for?Management Information System.If you were thinking about a washing machine as a system, which of the following represents the outputs?The clean clothes.What is a world where interconnected, Internet-enabled devices or "things" can collect and share data without human intervention?Internet of ThingsDetermining what is ethical can sometimes be difficult because certain actions can be justified or condemned depending on how you view the relationship between _____ and ________.Legal; ethicalWhat is a technological solution that allows publishers to control their digital media to discourage, limit, or prevent illegal copying and distribution?Digital rights managementIntellectual property is _________________ creative work that is embodied in physical form and includes copyrights, trademarks, and patents.IntangibleThe _________ Online Protection Act was passed to protect minors from accessing inappropriate material on the Internet.ChildSpoofing is the forging of the _________ address on an email so that the email message appears to come from someone other than the actual sender.Return_________ is a hacker who breaks into other people's computer systems and may just look around or steal and destroy information.Black-hat hackerWhat is a special class of adware that collects data about the user and transmits it over the Internet without the user's knowledge or permission?SpywareWho are individuals that seek to cause harm to people or to destroy critical systems or information and use the Internet as a weapon of mass destruction?CyberterroristsWhat is a computer attack where an attacker accesses a wireless computer network, intercepts data, uses network services, and/or sends attack instructions without entering the office or organization that owns the network?Drive-by hackingWhat is immediate, up-to-date information?Real-time informationWhich of the following occurs when a system produces incorrect, inconsistent, or duplicate data?Information integrity issueWhich of the following would not be considered part of the unique characteristic of high-quality information?Is aggregate information in agreement with detailed information?What is the practice of gathering data and ensuring that it is uniform, accurate, consistent, and complete, including such entities as customers, suppliers, products, sales, employees, and other critical entities that are commonly integrated across organizational systems?Master data management_________ maintains information about various types of objects, events, people, and places.DatabaseWhat is a primary key?A field (or group of fields) that uniquely identifies a given entity in a table.________ asks users to write lines of code to answer questions against a database?Structured query languageWhich of the following systems allows users to create, read, update, and delete data in a relational database?Relational database management systemWhat is extraction, transformation, and loading?It is a process that extracts information from internal and external databases, transforms it using a common set of enterprise definitions, and loads it into a data warehouse.What is the ultimate outcome of a data warehouse?Data martsHow would the airline industry use business intelligence?Analyze popular vacation locations with current flight listings.How would the technology industry use business intelligence?Predict hardware failures.In terms of big data what includes the uncertainty of data, including biases, noise, and abnormalities?Veracity__________ analyzes unstructured data associated with websites to identify consumer behavior and website navigation.Web analyticsIn terms of big data what is variety?Includes different forms of structured and unstructured data.________ is a form of data mining that assigns records to one of a predefined set of classes.ClassificationWhich of the following tools use a variety of techniques to find patterns and relationships in large volumes of information that predict future behavior and guide decision making?Data-miningWhich of the following forms of data mining assigns records to one of a predefined set of classes?Classification__________ is a statement about what will happen or might happen in the future, for example, future sales or employee turnover.PredictionWhat can present the results of large data analysis looking for patterns and relationships that monitor changes in variables over time?InfographicsWhat does a data scientist do?Extracts knowledge from data by performing statistical analysis, data mining, and advanced analytics on big data to identify trends, market changes, and other relevant information.What processes and manages algorithms across many machines in a computing environment?Distributed computingWhat does social media analytics do?Analyzes text flowing across the Internet, including unstructured text from blogs and messages.What is the process of managing changes to the business requirements throughout the project?Requirements managementWhat is a programming method that provides for interactive modules to a website?Scripting languageWhat is also provided for the system users and can be online or in a classroom?TrainingWhat verifies that separate systems can work together passing data back and forth correctly?Integration testingWhich implementation uses both the legacy system and new system until all users verify that the new system functions correctly?Parallel implementationWhich report presents data that is distributed inside the organization and is intended for employees within an organization?Internal reportsWhat is the overall process for developing information systems from planning and analysis through implementation and maintenance?Systems development life cycleWhat is a business requirement?The specific business requests the system must meet to be successful.What does the design phase in the SDLC involve?Describing the desired features and operations of the system.What is a project manager?An individual who is an expert in project planning and management, defines and develops the project plan, and tracks the plan to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget.A __________ is a session where employees meet, sometimes for several days, to define or review the business requirements for the system.Joint application developmentWhat is the theft of a website's name that occurs when someone, posing as a site's administrator, changes the ownership of the domain name assigned to the website to another website owner?Website name stealingAccording to the ethical computer use policy, users should be ______________ of the rules and, by agreeing to use the system on that basis, _______________ to abide by the rules.Informed, consentWhich of the following definitions represents typosquatting?A problem that occurs when someone registers purposely misspelled variations of well-known domain names.Which of the following clauses is typically contained in an acceptable use policy?A nonrepudiation clauseWhat occurs when a person chooses to deny permission to incoming emails?Opt outSocial media can be a very valuable tool for a company if used properly. Which of the following represents social media uses for a company?All of theseWhat is a problem that occurs when someone registers purposely misspelled variations of well-known domain names?TyposquattingWhich of the following definitions represents physical security?Tangible protection such as alarms, guards, fireproof doors, fences, and vaults.Which of the following is not one of the six epolicies that a company should implement for information protection as discussed in the text?Downtime monitoring policyJackie is the head teller at ABC Bank and her responsibilities include overseeing and managing the tellers, resolving customer issues, and developing and implementing systems for an optimal and efficient team. She notices a steady increase in customer complaints and tracks back to find that the complaints started right around the time ABC Bank provided Internet access to all employees. Jackie watched the tellers closely and found that they were spending significant amounts of time playing Internet games and posting on Facebook. Which policy should the company implement to help eliminate this problem?An Internet use policy.What is a policy that allows employees to use their personal mobile devices and computers to access enterprise data and applications?Bring Your Own DeviceEmployees need to understand that email privacy exists to an extent and that corporate email is solely owned by _________.The companyWhat includes threats, negative remarks, or defamatory comments transmitted via the Internet or posted on the website?CyberbullyingWhich of the below should be included in a company email privacy policy?All of these.What refers to choosing to allow permissions to incoming emails?Opt inWhich policy contains general principles regarding information privacy?Information privacy policyWhat is a computer crime where a competitor or disgruntled employee increases a company's search advertising costs by repeatedly clicking on the advertiser's link?Competitive click-fraudWhich of the following definitions represents opt-out?Choosing to deny permission to incoming emails.What is click-fraud?The abuse of pay-per-click, pay-per-call, and pay-per-conversion revenue models by repeatedly clicking on a link to increase charges or costs for the advertiser.What is government attempts to control Internet traffic, thus preventing some material from being viewed by a country's citizens?Internet censorship