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23 terms

HA 268 Exam III

The Forbidden City
Axial Design
Designed around emperor
Controlled access
Feng shui
Zhe school
Professional painters
Learned Southern Song style
Wu school
Amateur painters
Northern and Southern schools
Don Qichang's theory of schools of painters
Taihu rock
Special rock
Painting Manual of the Ten Bamboo Studio
Colored woodblock
Hu Zhengyan
Painting Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden
Woodblock print
Painting manual
Early Qing
Blue and white porcelain
used cobalt underglaze
reign mark
Official badge
Big square badges that officials wear. Different symbols are different ranks.
Sumptuary Law
Laws that establish what certain ranks can wear
Spirit Road
Leads into Valley of 13 Tombs
Huabiao pillar
Stele pavilion
Clouds and dragons with no wings
4 white marble pillars
mythical creature
Thought it was giraffe
Orthodox school
Scholar officials
followed Don Qichang
looking to old masters' styles
Creative reinterpretation
Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou
Figure painting, no landscapes
painted unconventional subjects
Vulgar vs refinement
Used to be an imperial garden
Was ransacked
Shanghai School
Ren Xiong
painted from photos
Painted lower class
calligraphic style
Lingnan School
Founded by Gao Jianfu
Gao Jianfu also founded GMD
Tiananmen Square
Right in front of Forbidden City
Largest public square in the world
Social Realism
People are portrayed as they are in society
Cultural Revolution
Everything went to hell
June-Fourth Movement
Protests in Tiananmen square
Political Pop Art