12 terms

subdivisions of dorsal and ventral cavities/terms

dorsal cavity (both sub div.)
cranial- brain ; spinal- enclosing spinal cord
ventral (1st sub div)
thoracic cavity- heart, lungs, and large blood vessels that join heart.
ventral (2nd sub div)
abdominopelvic cavity- divided into 2 regions
1-abdominal- stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancras, spleen.
2- pelvic- urinary bladder, rectum, internal parts of reproduction system.
define anaerobic
not requiring oxygen
define aerobic
requiring oxygen
define anatomy
the structure of the body
define physiology
the function of the body
define metabolism
all physical and chemical processes by which an organism is maintained.
define catabolism
breakdown of substances into simple compounds, includes digestion of food and oxygen of nutrient molecules for energy.
define anabolism
building of simple compounds into more complex substances needed by the body.
define negative feedback
main methods of maintaining homeostasis. actions are reversed back to normal.
define positive feedback
promotes more of the same action to occur.