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Spanish yo go verbs

Some verbs in Spanish are irregular in the yo form. Here are some of the verbs which have an irregular yo form in the present tense. This group ends in go in the yo form of the present tense. The stem may be regular, a stem-changing verb, or have a little irregularity like caigo and traigo. Memorize these.
decir (e to i)
to say, to tell
yo digo
I say, I tell
to make, to do
yo hago
I make, I do
to bring
yo traigo
I bring
to leave, to go out
yo salgo
I leave, I go out
to put, to place
yo pongo
I put, I place
tener (e to ie*)
to have
yo tengo
I have
venir (e to ie*)
to come
yo vengo
I come
to fall
yo caigo
I fall
to be worth
yo valgo
I am worth