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Mrs. Hayes history-World war 2

American history
Japan's emperor
Japans government
Japan's prime minister
Italy's government
Who was the "Duce"
Who was the leader of Ethiopia
Was the league of nations effective
Germany's government
Who was Germany's leader
What does "Fuehrer" mean
What was the Third Reich
Hitlers government
Mein Kampf
My Struggle- Hitler's book- wrote while he was in jail
prejudice or actions that harm or discriminate against Jews
Nuremberg Laws
Jews are not citizens
Night of broken glass- all synagogues were destroyed
Living space
When Germany annexes Austria
When and what is the Munich Conference
1938 and the conference that decided Czech fate
Who was at the Munich conference
Hitler and prime minister Chamberlain
What does appeasement mean?
To give in to
Who said, "peace in our time"
Prime Minster Chamberlain
When and who was the non- aggression pact between
1939 and Hitler and Stalin
When was the invasion of Poland
When did England and France declare war on Germany?
September, 1939
Lightning War- an all out attack
Phony War
War was declared but no fighting for a while because countries were preparing for war
Who did Germany defeat (7 countries)
Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France
City in France and was in 1940
Vichy France
Where French pro- Nazis ruled southern France
When and what is the Battle of Britain
R.A.F ( royal air force) vs. Luftwaffe ( German air force) and it was in 1940
Operation Sea Lion
German code name for the battle of Britain
When and what is the Lend Lease Act
1941 and when the USA would loan equipment to Britain
Who said, "arsenal for democracy"
When did Germany invade the USSR
June 1941
What was Germans code name for the invasion of the USSR
Operation Bararsossa
What happened on December 7th, 1941
Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
When did the USA enter the war
Who said, "a date which will live in infamy"
In the battle of Stalingrad who was fighting ?
Germans vs. Russians
In the war in Africa and Europe who were the americans and the british troops led by?
USA= Patton, Britain= Montgomery
Where is the battle of El Alamein and who wins.
Egypt and the British win
What was Erwin Rommel nick name
The desert fox
What were Rommel's troops called
The Afrika Korps
What was the first place to be liberated
North Africa
When does Italy switch to the Allies side?
When was the Normandy invasion?
June 6, 1944
What was D-days code name
Operation Overlord
Who was in charge of the allied troops
Gen. Eisenhower
Where was the battle of Bulge
When did Hitler commit suicide
What and when is V-E Day
When Germany surrendered and it is May, 1945
Who won the battle of Midway
Who won the battle of Guadalcanal
Who said, "I shall return"
Gen. MacArther
What is a kami-kazi pilot
Suicide pilot
When, Where and what is the Yalta conference
1945 in USSR Churchill, FDR and Stalin make post war plans
Who is the president during the atomic bomb
Pres. Truman
What is the Manhattan Project
The making of the atomic bomb
What 2 places is the bomb dropped on
Hiroshima, Japan. And Nagasaki, Japan
When and what is V-J Day
September, 1945 and Japan surrenders
What is the final solution?
Killing of all Jews
What is Auschwitz
The worst concentration camp
Germany and Berlin were divide into how many zones