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Government AP-1994

The framers of the Constitution all believed that one of the primary functions of government is
Protecting individual rights.
In The Federalist papers, James Madison expressed the view that political factions
Are undesirable but inevitable in a free nation.
Agreement among four justices on the Supreme Court is always sufficient to
Accept a case for consideration.
Which of the following is true of nominees for federal judgeships?
They are appointed for life by the president with the advice and consent of the senate.
In selecting members of the White House staff, Presidents primarily seek people who
Are personally loyal to the president.
The author of the cartoon above would most likely agree with which of the following?
The exclusionary rule has been detrimental to the maintenance of law and order.
All of the following statements pertaining to the presidential veto are true EXCEPT:
A president may veto part of a bill.
Which of the following is a correct statement about political action committees?
The amount of money that PAC's can contribute directly to an individual candidate is limited by law.
A "cloture motion" passed in the senate does which of the following?
Cuts off debate on a bill.
The use of direct primaries instead of the convention system in selecting presidential candidates results in which of the following?
I and III only.
Which of the following factors best accounts for the rise of interest groups and the decline of political parties in recent years?
Interest groups are better able to articulate specific policy positions than are political parties.
Which of the following best characterizes the influence of the news media on public opinion in the United States?
They affect which issues the public thinks are important.
Of the following, which group voted most heavily Democratic in presidential elecctions between 1964 and 1992?
Black Americans.
To enforce the Fourteenth Amendment more clearly, Congress passed the
Civil Rights Act of 1964
In the United States, most criminal cases end in
a plea bargaini negotiated by the defense and prosecution.
Interpretations of this clause have been central to attempts to define the nature of which of the following aspects of the United States political system?
The practical effect of this clause has been to
allow the national government to extend its powers beyond those enumerated in the Constitution.
Those who believe that the Supreme Court in its rulings should defer to the elective institutions of government are advocating
Judicial restraint
In genereal, Congress is most likely to defer to the President
in the area of foreign policy
In trying to influence legislation, the President is generally more successful that congressional leaders in
using the media to set the policy agenda
Supporters of granting the President a line-item veto would most likely argue that this power would increase a President's ability to
Control federal spending
Which of the following is true of an executive agreement made between a United States President and another head of state?
It does not require Senate approval, but may require congressional allocation of funds for implementations.
Over the past 20 years, reforms fo the presidential nomination process have had which of the following effects?
The number of female delegates and minority group delegates at Democratic national conventions has grown substantially.
All of the following are reasons incumbents in the House of Representatives enjoy an electoral advantage over challengers EXCEPT that incumbents
Get substantial financial support from their party's national committee.
The Office of Management and Budget has the primary responsibility for doing which of the following?
Preparing the budget.
The boundary lines of congressional districts are drawn by
State legislatures.
The most common form of political activity undertaken by United States citizens is
Voting in presidential elections.
The graph above supports which of the following statements about partisanship?
Only in the highest income group are people more likely to be Republicans than Democrats
Which of the following statements best describes how United States citizens regard the rights of free speech and assembly?
A majority agrees in principle with these rights, but in practice many people are often intolerant of views they do not support.
The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution has been interpreted by the Supreme Court to
Make most rights contained in the Bill of Rights applicable to the states.
The legislative process at the national level reflects the intent of the framers of the Constitution to create a legislature that would
be cautious and deliberate.
All of the following are consequences of the federal system in the United States EXCEPT
a strict division of power among levels of government.
Which of the following is true about divided control of the presidency and Congress?
It reflects a frequent election pattern over the past three decades.
The Freedom of Information Act was designed primarily to give
Citizens access to information from the executive branch.
Which of the following is true of the electoral college system?
It encourages candidates to concentrate their campaigns in competitive, populous states.
The congressional system of standing committees is significant because it
fosters the development of expertise by members.
Elections for the House of Representatives provide
approximately equal representation for every voter.
In contrast to revenue sharing, categorical grants in aid provide state and local governments with
funds to administer programs clearly specified by the federal government.
Which of the following is empowered to create new federal courts and specify the number of judges who will sit on them?
The War Powers Resolution was designed to
assure congressional involvement in decisions committing military forces in hostile situations overseas.
The primary reason for the current existence of only two major political parties in the United States is that
a winner take all electoral system makes it difficult for new parties to emerge and survive.
An interest group would likely have the greatest influence on policy matters involving
narrow issues, only a few interest groups, and technical information
Which of the following has the most influence on the outcome of a congressional election?
A candidates incumbency status
Which of the following is an accurate statement about the voter turnout rate in the United States?
It is lower than in most other Western democracies
Which of the following is an accurate statement that could be used to refute the argument that a realignment took place in the 1980's?
Republican dominance in presidential elections did not extend to congressional, state, and local elections.
Compared to voters in a general election , voters in presidential primary elections are
More likely to be affluent
Which of the following was an argument used by the Supreme Court in upholding federal statutes outlawing segregation in public accommodation
Such segregation affected interstate commerce and Congress therefore had the authority to outlaw it
The clear and present danger test devised by the Supreme Court was designed to define the conditions under which public authorities could
limit free speech
As originally ratified, the United States Constitution included provisions designed to
increase the economic powers of the central government
Which of the following accurately characterizes the main difference between elite theories and pluralist theories of politics in the United States?
Elite theories argue that a single minority dominates politics in all policy areas: pluralist theories argue that many minorities compete for power in different policy arenas
A committee chair in the House of Representatives is always
a member of the majority party in the chamber
Which of the following is true of independent regulatory agencies?
They tend to be freer from presidential control than are cabinet department.
Which of the following are differences between the legislative process in the House of Representatives and that in the Senate?
I, II, and IV only
Communications between congressional representatives and constituents occurs mainly through
the personal staffs of representatives
The Supreme Court's decision about abortion in Roe v. Wade was based on
the right to privacy implied in the Bill of Rights
Which of the following trends was evident in presidential elections in the 1980s?
The decline of Democratic party strength among White southerners.
Which of the following statements about incumbent senators running for reelection is correct?
Incumbent senators are less likely to be reelected than are incumbent members of the House of Representatives
An important change in political culture since 1950 is that United States citizens have become
less trusting of governmental institutions and leaders
The most common criterion that people use when voting for a presidential candidate is the candidate's
party identification
Protection of the legal rights of women has been facilitated by the passage of which of the following?
II, III, and IV only