20 terms

Ecce Romani III Vocab Quiz XXI

Haven't seen one of these in a while, but nubes, nubis (f) has the genitive plural "nubium". You'll have to type this after the genitive singular but before the gender. Enjoy!
appareo, apparere, apparui
to appear
nubes, nubis, nubium (f)
species, speciei (f)
miraculum, i (n)
strange sight
far off, from a distance
exprimo, exprimere, expressi, expressus
to press out, express, represent, convey
eruditus, a, um
learned, scholarly
apto, aptare, aptavi, aptatus
to fit, fit out, prepare
immineo, imminere, imminui
to project out, hang over, threaten
discrimen, discriminis (n)
crisis, danger
incoho, incohare, incohavi, incohatus
to start, begin
deduco, deducere, deduxi, deductus
to lead down, launch
frequens, frequentis
crowded, thickly populated
gubernaculum, i (n)
a large oar used to steer a ship, steering-oar, helm
enoto, enotare, enotavi, enotatus
to note down
ambustus, a, um
burned up
obsto, obstare, obstiti
to stand in the way, block the way
dirimo, dirimere, diremi, diremptus
to separate, divide, cut off, isolate
resido, residere, resedi
to sit down again, calm down
lenio, lenire, lenivi, lenitus
to soften, soothe, calm down