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A Series of Unfortunate Events

A series about 3 orphans who have a distant cousin out to steal their fortune and kill them

Harry Potter

A series about a young boy wizard going to a magical school


A comic book series about three caricature characters lost in a valley in the middle of a war


A comic book series about a girl with the power to control a mysterious amulet

The Secret Series

A series of a girl and boy trying to stop two villains from finding the secret to immortality.Told by a mysterious author

Diary of a Wimpy Kids

A funny series about a wimpy selfish hero trying to find a way to get through middle school

The Twilight Series

A romance series about a girl torn between a vampire and a werewolf

The Oz Series

A series about odd characters having fun adventures in a magical land

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

A series about a boy who is the son of a greek god

The Chronicles of Narnia

A series of fantasy adventures,wars,love,and evil

Cirque Du Freak

A series about a boy who is turned into a vampire

Wayside Stories

A series about wacky students in an even wackier school.

Hunger Games

A series about a girl who is forced to participate in a fight to the death in a post apocalyptic world

Guardians of Gahoole

A series about owls who rebel against a dangerous plot to enslave owls and destroy the guardians

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