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  1. Evil Forest
  2. Mr. Brown
  3. Ikemefuna
  4. Ezinma
  5. Chielo
  1. a the oracle's priestess who tells Unoka's fortune and why he can't grow any crops
  2. b the young boy who was sacrificed to Umuofia as part of the price for killing the woman in the marketplace
  3. c the place where they take people to die and such. Also the head of the egwugwu with smoke pouring out of his head
  4. d the first white priest in Umuofia
  5. e the only daughter of Okonkwo's favorite wife. Okonkwo likes her because she looks like her mother, who was the most beautiful woman in the town

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  1. the leper that Machi mistakes for a white man
  2. Okonkwo's mother's younger brother, who receives him when he arrives in Mbanta and the oldest member of his family
  3. the replacement priest for Mr. Brown who has a really different management style
  4. a member of the Christian converts who allegedly killed and ate a sacred python
  5. the main god of the Ibo people

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  1. Ajofiathe Earth goddess and the goddess of fertility. She is the goddess that the Festival of Yams is for


  2. Amalinze the Catthe wrestler that Okonkwo threw when he was a teenager


  3. Nwakibiethe priest that helped find Ezinma's iyi-uwa


  4. UnokaOkonkwo's father who was poor and never had any titles and who also had a great deal of debt. Okonkwo doesn't like him at all and wants to forget him. He died of the swelling, which was a gross way to go and so the people left him in the Evil Forest


  5. AniEkwefi's previous husband who she ran away from