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AP Psychology Final Exam Review 3


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Jennifer edits manuscripts for a publisher and is paid $5 for every three pages she edits. Jennifer is reinforced on a ________ schedule.
At 1:00 a.m. Luis gets out of bed and begins to sleepwalk. An EEG of his brain activity is most likely to indicate the presence of:
delta waves
A person who does not cheat on her income tax because she might get caught and sent to jail is demonstrating Kohlberg's ________ stage of morality.
Shaping involves:
positively reinforcing behaviors that move closer and closer to a target behavior.
Gambling is reinforced according to which schedule?
If David cannot grasp the principle of conservation, he can't:
recognize that the quantity of a clay stays the same even if he rolls it into a snake.
A teratogen is a(n):
substance that can cross the placental barrier and harm an unborn child.
Erikson's theory described what type of development?
Operant conditioning is to ________ classical conditioning is to ________.
Skinner: Pavlov
One's accumulated knowledge and verbal skills, which tends to increase with age, is called:
crystallized intelligence
One's ability to reason speedily and abstractly, which tends to decrease during late adulthood, is called:
fluid intelligence
Anne is involved in a car accident her senior year of high school. During a college class two years later, she is able to vividly recall details of the accident. The memory of the accident is an example of which type of memory?
flashbulb memory
The famous Ebbinghaus "forgetting curve" indicates that how well we remember information depends on:
how long ago we learned that information.
Which is the correct sequence of stages in Piaget's theory of cognitive development?
sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, formal operational
After learning the combination for his new locker at school, Milton is unable to remember the combination for his year-old bicycle lock. Milton is experiencing the effects of:
retroactive interference
One day after Usha hears her mother's list of 12 grocery items, Usha is most likely to remember the items ________ of the list.
at the beginning and end
Extinction is:
the loss of a learned response when there is no longer a consequence.
Echoic memory refers to:
a momentary sensory memory of auditory stimuli.
Circadian rhythm refers to:
a pattern of biological functioning that occurs on a roughly 24-hour cycle.
Lars, a shoe salesman, is paid every two weeks, whereas Tom receives a commission for each pair of shoes he sells. Evidently, Lars is paid on a ________ schedule of reinforcement, and Tom on a ________ schedule of reinforcement.
fixed-interval; fixed-ratio
Bursts of brain-wave activity occurring during stage 2 sleep are called:
A momentary sensory memory of visual stimuli is called ________ memory.
David's parents give him $20 every time he gets an A in a class. When he moves away to college, his parents stop giving him this money for his grades, and he doesn't get As any more. Which of the following concepts best explains why David stops getting As?
"The magical number seven, plus or minus two" refers to the storage capacity of ________ memory.
The Desades use harsh discipline with their children, use punishment more often than praise, and refuse to discuss the reasons behind family rules. The Desades might be categorized as ________ parents.