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The picture is a cross section of a bone.
Which structures of the bone are indicated by the arrows?
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Which causes a drop in female hormone levels?the failure of an egg to be fertilizedA team of scientists is working to formulate a drug that can treat children who are diagnosed with gigantism. Which effect should the drug have on patients?decreases the secretion of substances from the pituitary gland that cause growthis the involuntary movement of the muscles that move food through the digestive system.DigestionWhich is the temporary storage tank for urine?bladderVeins take blood back to the heart. Which gas would be most abundant in a vein that takes blood from muscle cells in the arm back to the heart?carbon dioxideSound can be heard when air passes over a respiratory structure that is located between the pharynx and the trachea. Which structure is responsible for the voice?the larynxThe picture represents a protein in the stomach being broken down into individual amino acids. Which is mixed with proteins to break them into amino acids?enzymesHeather presented to her class a report about the pancreas. Which statement in Heather's report was not accurate?The pancreas triggers the development of secondary sex characteristics.Which product of respiration is considered waste material and leaves the alveoli?carbon dioxideWhich of the following statements best describes the role of hormones in the body?Hormones are chemical signals that are sent throughout the body to regulate body processes.Neurons and neuroglia work together to form nervous tissue, which is part of the nervous system. Which describes neurons and neuroglia?They are cells that form tissue.The graph shows the changing levels of hormones during menstruation and ovulation. What is the general trend for hormones after ovulation as an individual approaches menstruation?Hormone levels go in two different directions.High blood pressure occurs when there is too much blood flowing through the blood vessels at one time. By changing the amount of water in the blood, blood pressure can change. The excretory system can help to lower blood pressure. Which would most likely occur in the kidney?More water would be transferred from the nephron.Once the body has begun shivering, what happens to make it stop shivering?When body temperature returns to normal, the nervous system sends a message to the muscular system to stop shivering.Which blood component makes up 41% of the blood's volume?red blood cellsgot 80%