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  1. Italy
  2. Black Shirts
  3. D-Day
  4. China
  5. The minimum income required to support a family
  1. a Name given for the invasion of Nazi occupied France by the allied forces
  2. b Define Poverty Line.
  3. c Members of the Fascist milita that backed Mussolini
  4. d After WWII Germany was divided into 4 zones, this country did not control a zone
  5. e Entered Korean War as forces where close to their boarder and they saw it as a threat

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  1. What was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?
  2. This organization was formed with the purpose of mutual defense
  3. Henry Kissingger tried to improve relations with the Soviet Union and China to cut back on aid to Vietnam's using this method
  4. Define Linkage.
  5. What was Apollo?

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  1. Ensures that all people are treated the same by the legal systemWhat was the Red Scare?


  2. Domino TheoryThe belief that if one nation in Asia fell to communist, neighboring countries would follow


  3. Great SocietyMembers of the Fascist milita that backed Mussolini


  4. Student denied admission to her neighborhood schoolWho was Linda Brown


  5. MussoliniAn extended meeting held to discuss a social or political issue