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  1. Philippines
  2. 17th Parallel
  3. Appeasement
  4. Improving relations with USSR and China to persuade them to cut back on Aid to Vietnam
  5. Italy
  1. a Define Linkage.
  2. b After WWII Germany was divided into 4 zones, this country did not control a zone
  3. c Where the Geneva Accords divided Vietnam
  4. d The Bataan Death march occurred here
  5. e Giving into Hitlers demands was a policy know as this

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  1. Define Poverty Line.
  2. What was the Federal Highway Act?
  3. What was the Tet Offensive?
  4. What was Apollo?
  5. Who was Ho Chi Minh?

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  1. Plessy vs FergusonEstablished separate but equal doctrine


  2. First Russian satelliteThis doctrine resulted in a pledge to fight communism


  3. Ensures that all people are treated the same by the legal systemWhat is Due Process?


  4. Fear that communists were trying to take over the worldWho was Ho Chi Minh?


  5. The cultural separation between children and their parentsWhat was the Generation Gap?