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  1. Napalm
  2. Linkage
  3. Fall of China and the Korean War
  4. African American went to segregated restraunts and refused to leave
  5. First Russian satellite
  1. a A type of jellied gasoline
  2. b Define Sit-in.
  3. c These events caused Truman to help France in Vietnam
  4. d What was Sputnik?
  5. e Henry Kissingger tried to improve relations with the Soviet Union and China to cut back on aid to Vietnam's using this method

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  1. Entered Korean War as forces where close to their boarder and they saw it as a threat
  2. Who was Linda Brown
  3. Define Iron Curtain
  4. What was the Tet Offensive?
  5. Giving into Hitlers demands was a policy know as this

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  1. PhilippinesThe Bataan Death march occurred here


  2. A guerilla army organized by Ho Chi Minh to reunify his nationDefine Juvenile Delinquency.


  3. IsolationismLeader of Russia during WWII


  4. Truman DoctrineThis doctrine resulted in a pledge to fight communism


  5. Those who insisted the U.S. stay and fight in VietnamDefine Hawks.