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  1. Munich Conference
  2. Black Shirts
  3. African American went to segregated restraunts and refused to leave
  4. Appeasement
  5. March on Washington
  1. a Giving into Hitlers demands was a policy know as this
  2. b Name given to the gathering of 200,000 people in Washington D.C to watch Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his "I have a Dream" speech
  3. c Members of the Fascist milita that backed Mussolini
  4. d Where Britain and France gave into Hitler's demands for Sudetenland
  5. e Define Sit-in.

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  1. Where the British had the advantage of new technology (Radar)
  2. Who was Linda Brown
  3. This organization was formed with the purpose of mutual defense
  4. These individuals were not executed by the Nazi Party
  5. Emerged as a leader of the Soviet Union three years after Stalin died

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  1. Selma MarchName given of the day after the unconditional surrender of Germany


  2. Sullivan'sLeader of Russia during WWII


  3. Authorized the President to take all the necessary measures to defend U.S. soldiersWhat is Due Process?


  4. AustriaLeader of Russia during WWII


  5. The minimum income required to support a familyDefine Poverty Line.