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  1. Those who wanted the U.S. to withdraw from Vietnam
  2. Leader of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War
  3. Health care program for senior citizens
  4. March on Washington
  5. Leader of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War
  1. a Who was Ho Chi Minh?
  2. b Who was Ngo Dihn Diem?
  3. c Name given to the gathering of 200,000 people in Washington D.C to watch Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his "I have a Dream" speech
  4. d Define Medicare.
  5. e Define Doves.

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  1. Define Juvenile Delinquency.
  2. Ended segregation in public schools
  3. What was the Federal Highway Act?
  4. This doctrine resulted in a pledge to fight communism
  5. The secret American project to build an atomic bomb

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  1. KristallnachtNight of anti-Jewish violence


  2. CombatEntered Korean War as forces where close to their boarder and they saw it as a threat


  3. Great SocietyPresident Johnson's vision of a more perfect and equitable society the US could and should become called this


  4. AustriaLeader of Russia during WWII


  5. A guerilla army organized by Ho Chi Minh to reunify his nationWhat were the Vietcong?


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