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The walls of the alveoli are composed largely of

simple squamous epithelium

The superior portion of the pharynx is called the


Which of the following is not true of the lungs

both lungs have two lobes

The condition that leads to the death of many full-term newborn infants and is still incompletely understood is


The conducting passageways of the repiratory system include all of the following except


The auditory tubes, which drain the middle ear, open into the


Air moving into and out of the lungs is

pulmonary ventilation

The respiratory conducting passageways do all of the following except

exchange gases

The bluish cast that results from inadequate oxygenation of the tissues is called


Gas exchange occurs by

simple diffusion

Cessation of breathing is called


Cilia of the trachea propel contaminated mucus

toward the lungs to be encapsulated

Which of the following are the most damaging and disabling respiratory diseases at present

COPD and lung cancer

Which of the following is not a feature of COPD

most patients have a genetic predisposition to COPD

Which of the following are not part of the respiratory zone structures

primary bronchi

The nasal cavity is separated from the oral cavity by

both the hard and soft palate

The molecule that lowers surface tension in the alveoli, preventing lung collapse, is called


Which of the following is not a function of the sinuses

they are olfactory receptors for smell

The adenoids are also called the

pharyngeal tonsils

The lipid molecule that coats the alveolar surfaces is called


Internal respiration is gas exchange between:

blood and tissue cells

Which of the following bones does not contain paranasal sinuses


Which of the following is not true of lung cancer

it is more prevalent in males than females

Which of the following is not true of cystic fibrosis

it is rarely fatal

One of the most important stimuli leading to increased rate and depth of breathing is

increased carbon dioxide in the blood

Which of the following does not apply to the right primary bronchus

it is narrower than the left bronchus

Most carbon dioxide is transported in plasma as

bicarbonate ion

Which of the following cannot be said of expiration

intrapulmonary volume increases when the lungs recoil

Which of the following is not true of inspiration

relaxation of the external intercostals helps increase the size of the thoracic cavity

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