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a condition that existed in the Treaty of Versailles

had to pay France and England's war debt

a condition that existed in the Treaty of Versailles

lost territory

not a condition that existed in the Treaty of Versailles

could have a standing army

not a condition that existed in the Treaty of Versailles

leaders were put in jail

sunk the Lusitania


where the Western Front was located


the last to enter the war


a Central Power


invented the tank


boosted the morale of the Allied soldiers


invented poisonous gas


How did alliances lead to World War I?

Countries were forced to defend other countries because of the agreements they had made with each other

Who were the central powers?

Italy and Germany

Which of the following is an example of how World War I affected the civilian life of almost everyone in Europe and America?

Many goods were rationed.
Family or friends were killed in the war.
Women had to work in factories.

In October of 1917, Vladimir Lenin led a revolution that ousted a government and got Russia out of the war. Who did Lenin remove from control of Russia's government when he came to power?

the Provisional Government

What event is officially considered the beginning of World War I?

assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

What event got the United States into World War I?

the sinking of the Lusitania

How many points were there in Woodrow Wilson's plan for peace?


Why did the League of Nations fail to keep the peace after World War I?

It had no authority

person from what country killed the Archduke Ferdinand?


What is the term for getting a country's army ready for war?


Why was the machine gun the most effective weapon introduced during World War I?

It could kill more people in a shorter amount of time.

Where was the Eastern Front?


What was the name of the fighting style used during World War I?

trench warfare

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