Science - Chapter 8 Life Science

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What is the difference between biblical creationism and evolutionism?
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What is the difference between a somatic mutation and a germ mutation? Which one is rarer?Somatic mutations cannot be passed on to offspring whereas germ mutations can. Germ mutations are more rare.What is the difference between gain-of-function and loss-of-function mutations? Which is required for evolution?Gain-of-function mutations are when a gene makes a new pattern that creates new activity within a cell. Loss-of-function mutations are when the gene lacks a molecular function in a wild-type gene. Gain-of-function mutations are required for evolution to occur.What do we call a diagram that illustrates how the species might be related to one another?Evolutionary Family Tree.What is a common ancestor? What is a missing link?A common ancestor is an organism that supposedly gave rise to two or more different types of organisms. A missing link is a hypothetical organism that should exist if evolution was true.What are homologous structures? What are vestigial structures?Homologous structures are skeletons that look similar. A vestigial structure is something that has no known function.What is speciation?Speciation is the forming of a new species.