COMPLETE FIRST UNIT 2, PG. 23-adjectives

felipecuervo1982,pre first gold

Terms in this set (...)

it is easier to learn the guitar than most other musical instruments (ONE).

The guitar _____________________ musical instruments to learn.
one of the easiest
Olivia finds watching TV more boring than reading (NOT).

For Olivia, watching TV is ______________ reading
not as fun as
Maria's brothers are better tennis players than her (AS)

Maria doesn't ___________________ her brothers
play tennis AS well as
No one in the class makes as much noise as Peter (PERSON)
Peter ________________ in the class
is the noisiest PERSON
I paid 20 $, you paid 40$ for this book. TWICE
You paid ______________________ me.
for this book twice as much as
In general, cars are more expensive than motorbikes (NOT)
in general, cars are __________________ motorbikes.
not as cheap as
It took Janusz longer to finish the game than Sarah (MORE)

Sarah finished the game ______________ Janusz
more quickly than
This motorbike is not as noisy as my previous one (MADE).

My previous _____________ this one.
motorbike MADE more noise than
Small towns are safer than large cities (NOT).

Small towns _________________ as large cities.
are NOT as unsafe/dangerous
She looks more relaxed than she did before the exam. (STRESSED)

She does not look________________ she did before the exam.
Tatiana does not speak nearly as clearly as Irina. (MUCH)

Irina speaks _________________________ Tatiana.
MUCH more clearly than
No one in the team plays better than Gemma. (PLAYER)

Gemma _________________ in the team
is the best PLAYER
That was the most astonishing letter I have ever got.
I have ____________________ astonishing letter in my life.
never got such an
He doesn't enjoy running as much as cycling (MORE).

He likes _______________ than running
cycling more than
He is the least popular actor I know. ANYONE
I don't ____________________________ him.
know anyone less popular than
None of the other sofas in the shop are as comfortable as this one. ANY

This sofa is _________________ the others in the shops.
more comfortable than ANY of
Comedies are more interesting than westerns. LESS

Comedies ____________________ westerns .
are less boring than