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John Reynolds

Georgia's 1st Royal Governor

Henry Ellis

Georgia's most popular Royal Governor, he wore a thermometer

James Wright

Served as Georgia's Royal Governor for 16 years


Was prohibited in Georgia until 1750


The year Georgia became a Royal Colony

The King

Who made Reynolds, Ellis and Wright, governors of Georgia


Did the Trustees or the Crown restrict land-owning rights?

George II

Which king granted the Georgia Charter?

James Oglethorpe

What MP traced his interest in the Georgia experiment to the death of a friend in debtor's prison?


When was the Georgia Charter granted?

South Carolina

What colony was Georgia meant to protect?


How debtors were released from debtor's prison to go to Georgia?


What economic theory helped make colonialism pervasive?


What tribe of natives assisted the Georgia colony in its earliest days?


What native chief was a great friend to the Georgia colony?

Mary Musgrove

The chief translator and go-between of Georgia's early days


What year was Savannah founded?


What nation were the Yamacraw a part of?

Yamacraw Bluff

On what geographic feature did Oglethorpe choose to build Savannah?


What group of men were entrusted with the organization of the Georgia Colony?


What group established Ebenezer and New Ebenezer?

Highland Scots

What group established Darien?


Unhappy colonists during Trustee Georgia

St. Augustine

Built by the Spanish and attacked by Oglethorpe

Fort Frederica

Built by Oglethorpe and attacked by the Spanish

Battle of Bloody Marsh

Spanish lost this battle with the Georgians


What Christians were barred from Georgia?


Members of this religious group were among the earliest settlers in Georgia


Georgia was a haven for ___________ fleeing oppression in Europe

Henry Ellis

The 2nd Royal Governor

Governor's Council

The upper legislative body in Georgia's Royal Government

Commons House of Assembly

The lower legislative body in Georgia's Royal Government

50 Acres

How much land must a man own in order to vote in Royal Georgia?

500 Acres

How much land must a man own in order to be a legislature in Royal Georgia?

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