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  1. proponent
  2. staccato
  3. wily
  4. Emancipate
  5. Erroneous
  1. a (n.) one who puts forward a proposal; one who supports a cause or belief
  2. b (adj.) detached or disconnected in sound or style
  3. c (adj.) sly, shrewd, cunning
  4. d (v.) to free from slavery; to release or liberate
  5. e (adj.) incorrect, containing mistakes

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  1. (v.) to conduct or bear oneself, behave; to be in agreement
  2. (adj.) bare, dreary, dismal
  3. (adj.) kind, merciful
  4. (n.) an unpleasant smell; (v.) to give off unpleasant smells; to give a strong impression
  5. (adj.) planned or performed in cooperation with others

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  1. Render(v.) to consider carefully, reflect on


  2. statute(v.) to distort in such a way as to make unintelligible


  3. rivulet(n.) a small stream


  4. garble(n.) mud; wet, swampy ground; a tough situation; (v.) to get stuck


  5. recoil(v.) to spring back, shrink; (n.) the act of springing back